Friday, August 26, 2016

Seattle Chocolates

For a few weeks, I have been thinking of some things that would be nice to bring back to my Hong Kong family.  I thought that t-shirts that had SEATTLE blazing on the front would be an easy gift.  For our wedding, we gave out I HEART HK t-shirts as grab bag gifts for winners of the reception games…so it seemed to be a fun idea.  

Magnets also seem like good gifts.  Who doesn't love a good magnet with the Space Needle on it to hold up a shopping list?  When I went to Ocean Park for the first time, I bought photo frame magnets to put our photos in and gave it to my family as Christmas gifts one year.  They still have the photo frame magnets on their fridges…and they are still topics of conversation.  So…that would have also made a great gift…

But, then I came across the idea of treats!  

A fabulous souvenir to bring back to Hong Kong for the friends and in laws (especially) is probably chocolate!  Chocolate is always a nice little treat, they come in some pretty nice pre-wrapped packaging and you can also find some awesome unique flavors (dark chocolate and sea salt, wild berry chocolates, quinoa noir!)

Down in Southcenter, is a chocolate factory called Seattle Chocolates.  They have a shop attached to the factory where you can find all of the chocolates that the factory produces.

***A view of the lobby and a glance around the shop***

The shop behind the lobby and is manned by a really nice woman from Kazakhstan.  She was really nice in explaining to us what SECONDS were, about the different flavors of truffles that we could put into a mixed bag…and also about the samples that were splayed out on the sample bar.

It was really nice to have that mixed-bag truffle option.  It's really great to give samples of chocolates to people, so we picked up a few of the most unique flavors (champagne) for our adventurous friends and a few classic flavors (dark chocolate) for our more conservative friends.

Apologies for the blurriness!!!!
We also picked up a few bags of Seconds because they had some really awesome flavors and also came in bigger chunks for some friends we thought would be really BIG FANS of chocolates.

My favorite part…besides the awesomely Seattle-focused packaging is the sample bar.  There are some really amazing flavors to test out at the bar…in large chunks too!  My favorite flavor of the day was probably the Bali Sea Salt Toffee.  

Chocolate never fails as being a great gift…especially ones made in Seattle!