Friday, February 27, 2015

Seattle: Pike's Place Public Market

I would say that one of the most famous tourist spots in Seattle is Pike's Place Public Market.  It's a mostly indoor mixed market (part farmer's market, flower market, and local handicrafts market) where you can find seafood for sale, fruits and veggies, sausages, cheeses, seasonal fresh/dried flowers, tourist tees, artistic tees, paintings, wooden pens, handmade jewelry, and more!

I think I could spend an entire morning and part of the afternoon just wandering around Pike's Place looking out onto the waterfront, window shopping all of the booths, and eating things.

Post Alley runs along the Public Market and it also has a lot of great shops and eateries to check out.

Beecher's Handmade Cheese Shop Window

Shops along Post Alley

Shops along Post Alley

View of Pike's Place Public Market

Tiles on the floor of Pike's Place Public Market

By the way:  Seattle's Pike's Place Public Market is also incredibly famous for the fish that are thrown in the Fish Market.  If you are ordering up a Salmon, one of the fish guys will toss it back to someone to weigh and wrap.

Fun Fact:  Pike's Place is ALSO famous for having the original Starbucks, which opened up in 1971.  It's always bustling with customers, but the service is ALSO always fast.

Below Pike's Place Public Market, there is also the famous Gum Wall, just have to see...and perhaps leave your own bit of gum on.

The View from the Market

There are shops below the market, as well.  They have some really awesome antique/collectable type of shops, some tourist souvenir buying shops, and also a lot of oddity type of shops that really warrant a look see.

Since being back in Seattle, we've been to Pike's Place a few times...mainly for the oysters.  Actually, we're making our way around to all of the eateries just to sample all that the area has to offer.  It's been really great playing the tourist.

This is definitely a great way to sample what the Seattle area has to offer (in every way)!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Seattle: Dinner and a Show

There are two things that I think make a great night out.  One is having Happy Hour down in Belltown.  The other is seeing a show at the 5th Ave. Theater.

Since we were downtown, it was convenient to just walk over to Belltown for dinner.  We tried a place that my sister recommended:  Rocco's, which is known for their pizzas.

Information on Rocco's:
2228 2nd Avenue
Seattle, WA 98121
(206) 448-2625
Open from noon to 2 am

Happy Hour from noon to 7pm.

Cucumber Water


Garlic Cheese Bread

Boccaccini Salad

North West Market Pizza
After dinner, we strolled along 2nd, up to 5th, and towards the 5th Ave. Theater.  Walking Seattle at night is another great thing to do whilst in Seattle.  The city lights are lovely and people are in that dinner-time kind of mood.

We got tickets to see Roger and Hammerstein's Carousel.  The musical is actually quite good, if you like commenting on the stereotypes from the 1870s.  The music was also quite good, if you like commenting on musicals from the 1950s.  

5th Ave. Theater

1.  If you are looking for a great date night, dinner and a show is a really great option.

2.  If you are looking for a great thing to do in Seattle, dinner and a show is a really great option.

3.  If you are looking for trying a pizza place in Seattle, then walking through Belltown and enjoying the Seattle streets at night, then dinner and a show is a really great option.

4.  If you are looking for seeing a show, then dinner and a show at the 5th is a really great option.

Stage of the 5th Ave Theater

Monday, February 23, 2015

Seattle: A Day in Tulalip

Over the weekend, we drove north to the Premium Outlets for some shopping.  I feel like I stock up on most of my clothes when I come back to the States.  The Premium Outlets can be found off of I-5 Exit 202 in Tulalip.

Some outlet shops that you can find there are:
1.  Banana Republic
2.  Columbia
3.  Rebo
4.  Nike
5.  Adidas
6.  Ecko Unltd
7.  Gap
8.  J. Crew
9.  Kate Spade
10. Michael Kors

Seattle Premium Outlet Information:
10600 Quil Ceda Blvd.
Tulalip, WA 98271

Directions -->  here

It really is an awesome outlet mall.  But, the main reason we headed two hours north of Seattle was to visit the Tulalip Casino.

We signed up to be My Tulalip members, which offers some pretty great benefits:

1.  Free bucks for gambling on the anniversary of our membership joining date
2.  Free bucks in the month of your birthday month
3.  Free bucks on the day of your birthday

And then, we spent the rest of the afternoon and early evening at the slot machines.  Who knew going to the casino could be that fun (actually, I do know because I've been to Macau a few times now just for the sole purpose of playing some slot machines).

Initially, I forked out $25 just to see where my money would take me, but lost it all playing a Michael Jackson slot machine.

I put in another $5 and just decided to $.01...  I maintained that $5 and won $5 more by the end of the day.  Go figure!

We headed out to the Golden Corral for a buffet only fits a day at the casino.

Driving out to Tulalip is a great option for those who are looking for something to do for the day outside of Seattle.  The drive isn't bad, as the casino is right off of I-5.  The day ensures:

1.  SHOPPING at the Seattle Premium Outlets

2.  TABLES and SLOTS at the Tulalip Resort Casino

3.  A RESORT to stay at with spa/pool/restaurants

4.  EXPLORATION of the Tulalip Reservation and area

It's also a great stopping point when you are driving up to Vancouver or down from Vancouver to Seattle.