Monday, November 24, 2014

Hiking Tai Tong Nature Trail

Right in my "backyard" is a huge area called Tai Tong.  There are so many nature trails blazed all over the area.  There are hikes that are for beginners and also some pretty advanced trails (which I have yet to work my way up to).

Over the weekend, we decided on starting it easy.  We selected the Tai Tong Nature Trail as our first trail of the season.

How to get here:
1.  From Long Ping MRT Station, Take Exit B
2.  Walk down to the street level and along the highway
3.  The K66 Bus Stop (going to Tai Tong) is right next to the Pizza Hut Delivery place
4.  Hop onto K66 and get off at Tai Tong Shan Road
5.  Walk up Tai Tong Shan Road and you will hit the hiking trail posts (seen below)

From Long Ping MTR Station, I think it might take a good 30 minutes to get to this sign post (below).

The Tai Tong Nature Trail is actually found right next to the Tai Tong BBQ Area.  The BBQ Area is a great place to use the restroom before heading out.  It is also a great place to stretch, check out the trail on the map, and fill up on water.

Overall, the trail is pretty flat, easy to follow, and has a bunch of informative signs.  It's a great place to take kids and even walk  your dog.

Along this trail, there was also a little stream that we followed for a bit.  It took us across a little stone bridge and also along new terrain.

Another wonderful thing about our hike was finding red ants.  I feel like I haven't seen ants for ages…because I do live in the city.  But, they look angry!

Also, you can tell that Fall has really come to Hong Kong.  The leaves are changing and scattered along the paths.  It's wonderful that the weather is finally cool!

Pretty soon, the RED LEAVES of Tai Tong are going to be in full force (photo below).  I suspect that loads of hikers and plant lovers will be crowding the trails of Tai Tong in the coming weeks!

Photo taken last year!