Thursday, February 20, 2014

Afternoon Tea at Disney

This week, one of my good friends and I headed over to the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel's Walt's Cafe for afternoon tea.  The Hotel was a wonderful place to explore on a cold and dreary day.  Though "cold and dreary" make me feel so nostalgic of home!  The staff were out-of-my-expectations accommodating and amazing.  Overall, the experience and the atmosphere were just what I needed to start off my week.

The maze, which really makes me feel like I'm in the Queen of Hearts' garden in Alice in Wonderland.

Earl Grey for my beautifully gray, overcast day.

Bottom tier:  miniature macaroons, mango and custard pudding, raspberry cheesecake, and sugar cookies

Middle tier:  Sourdough ham and cheese sandwich, shrimp with cucumbers and carrots, and a salmon caper sandwich

Top tier:  Cranberry scones and butter scones

Butter, jam, and cream
The Review:
1.  Presentation (3 out of 5)  I liked the novelty of the Mickey Mouse shaped scones, cookies, carrots, and the like, but the sandwiches and cakes were just thrown onto the plates without much thought towards the presentation/arrangement.

2.  Taste (2.5 out of 5)  It was average.  Nothing really stood out.  I liked how there was a mix of savory and sweet, but the sweet was a bit too sweet for me.

3.  Service (4 out of 5)  I liked when people smiled and attended to us right when we entered Walt's Cafe.  They refilled our tea pots with hot water, broke down the tiers as we took our time with the dessert plate, and boxed up the bits we didn't get to eating.

4.  Atmosphere (4 out of 5)  Being in the Disneyland Resort is just wonderful.  There was music playing.  The staff were dressed up in period pieces.  And the decor just took me to another world.  I just loved the Cafe and the Hotel!

5.  Return-ability (2.5 out of 5)  I would probably not return to Walt's Cafe for afternoon tea any time soon.  It is a fun place to take family when they are in town.  In fact, if my mother wants to check out what afternoon tea is like at Disney, I'll definitely take her.  If I'm feeling home sick and in need of a reasonably priced afternoon tea, in a great location, and with great people surrounding me, then I probably will return.  But, not any time soon.