Sunday, February 23, 2014

Mémoire Mondays: Tokyo, Japan 2005

This past month, I had been backing up a lot of my old computers' files.  A swell of warm memories hit me as I was going through an album of when I lived in Japan.  Here are some photos of Ueno Park.  Everything touristy is here:  Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, Western Art Museum, Ueno Zoo, Tokyo National Museum, National Science Museum, Toshogu Shrine, Kaneiji Temple, Shinobazu Pond and also the beautiful sakura trees.

Moving to Japan was the first time that I had really lived away from home.  It was also the point in my life that kickstarted my life living abroad.

I remember riding the train from Gunman prefecture into Tokyo and thinking about all the things that I had accomplished.

1)  paid my own bills
2)  made new friends
3)  cooked
4) traveled a country
5) explored temples, onsens and cities
6) figured out transportation
7) learned a bit of Japanese
8) and learned to be independent

Being a twin, I always had my sister as a safety blanket.  Anyhow, I had been running all these thoughts through my head as I was riding that train.  I kept thinking that that was my last trian ride in Japan.  It was a beautiful ride.  It was a beautifully sunny and extraordinarily green day.  It was a great train ride and, thankfully, not my last!

Eating roasted chestnuts in the park

Exploring the temples in the park

Visiting the National Science Museum

Enjoying the Spring