Monday, August 31, 2015

3D Museum TST

I'd been hearing about the 3D Trick Art museums since last year.  There is one up on The Peak and there is one down in Tsim Sha Tsui East (TST East).

We decided to take a trip down to the 3D Museum in TST East.

HK 3D Museum Info:
1/F Hilton Tower
96 Granville Road
Tsim Sha Tsui East

Mondays thru Sundays from 10 am - 10 pm


Adults $149 HKD
Children (3 - 11) $100 HKD
Seniors (65+) $100 HKD

The theme of the TST East 3D museum was One Piece, which is a Japanese anime.  I've not seen the anime, but it didn't matter.  The museum was pretty cool anyhow.

The main areas for the One Piece exhibits:
1.  Where Luffy becomes the King of the Pirates
2.  Classic images from One Piece
3.  Hanging out with the Straw Hat Crew

Basically, the museum has a bunch of backdrops where you can insert yourself into the scene.  If you stand at the proper angle, you are able to take a photo where you appear to be actually incorporated into the scene.

So, the first gallery had a bunch of One Piece backdrops, where you could take photos of yourself in those scenes.

It was pretty fun to be able to pose and make it look like we were really there.  But, it takes a bit of time and practice to get the perfect shot!  I think that there must have been only about 50 people in the museum when we went…and we were all taking our time at each set to pose!

The photos we took just came out rather flat, but still totally fun to jump from scene to scene and try to recreate the moment.

There was a little gift shop in the museum, which lead to two other galleries.

I'm not really sure of the purpose of the mirror maze, but it was a nice little romantic stroll for us.  This area was called Mero Mero Mellow Room.

The mirror maze lead to this life-sized figure, which was pretty neat.  I am assuming that she was Mero Mero?  And I am also assuming that she is apart of the whole One Piece anime.

Besides all of the backdrops, there were suggestions on how to pose (just in case you were unsure).  Such a great idea, I think.  It short of helped with the crowd control…but we all have the same types of photos!

Below is a photo of the layout of the museum.  It's pretty small, but it does contain a good amount of 3D backdrops.

The final gallery, which leads to the exit, was all about Hong Kong:  Modern HK, HK Memories, Romantic Journey, and Chinese Culture.  This was probably my favorite part of the TST East 3D museum.

I eat at the local canteens quite a bit, so I thought it was really neat that there were scenes from that.  I just really love Old Hong Kong things and all things Hong Kong.

Perhaps the most difficult scene to recreate any images…was this one…with the Hong Kong Jockey Club.  I don't think anyone of the 50 or so people in there with us could get this one down.

Overall Impressions:
1.  Going through the entire museum, photos and all, took about an hour, which was good enough for me!

2.  The price for the museum is pretty all right.

3.  The backdrops were pretty clean, but I could tell that they needed to really up the maintenance of the gallery images (you can totally see scuffs from where people had been sitting or posing).

4.  It was a great way to spend the afternoon.

5.  Lastly, this museum made me want to check out the 3D museum at The Peak!