Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Macau Trip: The Galaxy

Today was the day we moved across the street to The Galaxy.  

It was actually a pretty chill morning, as our checkout time was 2 pm, so we got to relax by the pool, have a lazy brunch, and take one last walk around the Grand Canal Shops.

Check out was simple, just dropping our key card into the Check Out slot of the Wing's Lobby.  We then caught a shuttle from The Venetian over to The Galaxy.  

I love when things are simple!

This was the first time we stayed at The Galaxy.  The exterior is beautiful.  It reminds me of a golden peacock palace.  But, inside the hotel area, it really reminds me of a resort in Mexico or Florida!  It's very Tommy Bahama-esque!

The Galaxy is a huge complex that houses The Ritz-Carlton, Banyan Tree, JW Marriott, and Hotel Okura.  

The coolest thing about staying at The Galaxy, which we didn't know prior to our Check In, was that there was a man-made beach in the designated pool area.  There were also a bunch of pools, some exclusive to the other hotels in the complex and a wonderful little water park on top of the hill (with water slides and a lazy river to float along).

There was also a long promenade that went around The Galaxy complex, that went along a cinema, food court, and shopping areas (which features such stores as Burberry, Aesop, Calvin Klein, Uniqlo, Versace, Tiffany, Pandora, Tori Burch, etc).  The indoor promenade also circled around the casino, which seemed to sit at the heart of the complex.

Every entrance of The Galaxy seemed to be named after some semi-precious stone, I think (Pearl Lobby, etc).  But, there were beautiful (though some may deem them tacky) displays in some of the lobbies.

NOTE:  The main lobby, by the way, had a huge diamond/gem fountain that has a light/water show, which we caught after dinner one night.  That was a lovely surprise.

The great thing about The Galaxy, as well, has got to be the food court area called Tastes of Asia.  It was probably the busiest place where people got food.  It was a nice change to have something so convenient and close to the hotel suites.

NOTE:  To purchase foods from the food court, you have to FIRST GET A special card (like a debit card) from the cashier counter.  They'll put as much credit on the card as you like.  Then you can go around to the different counters and order whatever dish you like.  YOU CANNOT just go to a counter and pay for your food, as they only accept those debit cards.  (Though, some places seemed to also accept Octopus Cards…which we weren't sure were Hong Kong Octopus Cards or not).

I got a donburi from the Japanese counter

My husband got a Laksa dish from the Singapore counter
For dessert we headed over to the Honeymoon Dessert place near the cinema and had our fill of some sweets.

A durian and purple rice dessert

A sesame and tang yuan dessert

And, just because we had some cash left on our food court debit card, we went over to the Choux Creme for a tiramisu cream puff.

Looking back, it seems like we were starving that night…Actually, this was also the first time that I got a Chourx Creme puff…it was also what spurred my obsession with getting them a few more times afterwards (as this puff shop is everywhere in Hong Kong now).

Thoughts on The Galaxy:

1.  It reminds me of Hong Kong (There was even a Hok Kee shop from Yuen Long in the food court!)

2.  I loved how there were performers dotted everywhere along the promenade (very much like The Venetian)

3.  I really liked being able to walk along the promenade in the evenings after dinner (a great way to get indoor exercise)

4.  I really loved the pool area

5.  It was also connected to the public bus system, so we could catch the bus around Macau easily from here too...

Would I stay at The Galaxy again?

DEFINITELY!  Especially for the water park.