Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Cafeholic, Tung Chung

Since last year…around Easter, I made the choice to stop drinking copious amounts of coffee.  I was one of those people who were drinking a cup to wake me up, another cup when I got to the office, and a third cup as an afternoon pick me up.  And those cups were all Venti all the way…

It was tough to get through until the summer, but then it just got easier.  

I do occasionally sip a lovely cup of coffee now and again, but not as extreme as before…which is why, when a friend suggested lunch at Cafeholic, I didn't feel my palms getting sweaty or my mind afflicting me with STAY AWAY mantras.  Though I thought of an afternoon of coffee sipping…Cafeholic actually turned out to be more of a cafe than a coffee house.

Cafe versus Coffee House???

For some reason…growing up partially in Seattle, when I think of a cafe, I think of coffee…but, in the new light of being coffee-free most days, a cafe really is just a place with light meals and a drink menu consisting of coffee/tea/juice/soft drinks/etc…(thanks online dictionary!).

And Cafeholic was more of a place for people who wanted to eat a light meal with an option of coffee…in a pretty chill cafe environment...

Cafeholic Info:
Shop 23, G/F Fu Tung Plaza
Fu Tung Estate
6 Fu Tung Street
Tung Chung

It's located at the mall right across from the Tung Chung MTR.  Not the CityGate Outlets, but the Fu Tung Mall.

2109 - 9860

I called to see if reservations were necessary and the attendant said that it was not.  It was quite true for my party of two.  I got there around 11:45 am and there were seats available.

Daily from 7:30 am - 10 pm

Prior to eating here, I didn't really look up the reviews…so I wasn't sure what type of food was going to be served.  I was pleasantly surprised when I picked up the menu and saw that there was breakfast available…there's something about places with all-day breakfasts…I just love them!

There was a lunch menu, which had pretty descent prices for a western-style cafe, but we opted for a la carte.

I had one of the new items on the menu…an eggs benedict with truffle sauce and mushrooms.  It was delicious!  I absolutely love the flavor of truffle sauce…the eggs were delicious, the hollandaise sauce was delicious, the side salad and grilled tomato were great…

Overall, I had a pretty rocking dish that I easily devoured and left me with a great first impression of Cafeholic.

My friend got the eggs benedict with smoked salmon, which she too devoured in minutes.  We're both from the Pacific Northwest…so if the salmon was bad, I would have heard some complaints, but she enjoyed the salmon just as much as I enjoyed my truffle covered eggs benedict.

When in the area again, I'd definitely have Cafeholic as an option.  I wouldn't mind trying out more of their dishes…especially any more all-day breakfast options!