Wednesday, January 27, 2016

DIY: Healthier Ramen

I've been heavy into watching competitive eating videos on Youtube…not sure why.  I guess watching them makes me live vicariously through them…I always feel full after seeing them eat a hundred pieces of KFC chicken!  Some of my favorite videos to watch have been by Yuka Kinoshita.  I just love this girl's positivity towards the taste of food…it makes me thing that everything in Japan must be delicious!

Watching her videos made me miss Japan a lot too!  It's just such a wonderful place to experience life!

But, thinking about all this…I decided to make myself some ramen…but healthier ramen…because it is a new year and I am trying to be more conscious of my health (the years are catching up with me).

Looking up some recipes online, a lot of people say that a healthier ramen means:

1.  Use less of the sauce packet

2.  Load your noodles with veggies

Sounded easy enough!

What I used:
1.  1 Packet of Shin Ramen
2.  A tomato
3.  A bit of enoki mushrooms
4.  A bit of lettuce

This was just a personal-sized ramen bowl for one.

What I did:
1.  I first boiled some water and threw in my enoki mushrooms.  5 minutes should suffice.

I always feel like I have to cook mushrooms longer than everything else.  Back when I lived in Japan, I would get mushrooms from the supermarket a lot.  Some times, when I didn't cook them well enough, I would find myself having major stomach problems (you know what I'm talking about…).  So, I boiled my enoki mushrooms for about 5 minutes.

2.  Then I threw in about 1/4 of the sauce packet and my noodles.  I let my noodles "cook" for about 1 minute.

3.  Then I threw in my lettuce and let them cook for about 30 seconds.  I like my lettuce to be crunchy, so I don't usually boil them for long. 

4.  Lastly, I threw in my tomatoes, sliced.  I also don't like my tomatoes to be too mushy, so I cooked them for about 30 seconds…

I think the timing of putting in each ingredient is quite important.  The mushrooms were fine being cooked for a longer period of time.  The noodles (as instructed by the packet) should cook for 3 - 4 minutes.  And my veggies, which I like to be quite crispy would cook the shortest amount of time.

5.  Afterwards, I drained most of the soup from my pot and poured everything out into my bowl.  I poured in some soup…which I realize you cannot really see in the photo below!

After making this, I thought it was quite similar to making hot pot.

It was good.  It had a nice little bit of spice from the sauce packet…it was lower in sodium for sure…and I could get in a reasonable amount of veggies.

Two thumbs up in my book.

Give it a try if you are trying to make a healthier ramen!