Monday, March 21, 2016

Morning Walk

There are times when I just get up early enough to have time to take a walk around my neighborhood.  It takes me back to childhood when my sister and I would walk with our dad around the neighborhood.  Since we lived back in Honolulu those days, we usually just walked to the neighborhood grocery store and picked up shaved ice before returning back home.  

I think it was probably my dad's best way of getting us out of the house and exercising…since we weren't that much into sports back then.  Those walks were really a great thing…and it's probably why I enjoy walking so much as an adult.

This morning, the weather was pretty fine!

So, I walked around just to get some fresh air and took a rest at the mini sports ground that sits along side the Yuen Long watercourse way.

Sometimes, when walking by this court at night, I see loads of kids just playing soccer or basketball out here.  And on the weekends, there are loads of people just chilling and having picnics on the bleachers. It really is a nice space that people can go to and just hang out.  It's also where a lot of the ethnic minorities (LIKE MYSELF!) like to hang out.

It's a pretty safe place to take kids and let them run around and meet other kids too.

The court, which I often times just call the basketball court, is really a football pitch…but it sits across from the Yuen Long West Bus Terminus.  It's a convenient place to eat lunch if you pick something up from one of the eateries around the Bus Terminus.  You can also hang out here after shopping at the Yuen Long Plaza, which also sits across from the Kik Yeung Football Pitch.

It's surrounded by a lot of greenery…and also osmanthus bushes (which I love the smell of).  During my morning walk, it was just lovely to smell the osmanthus scent as I passed along the side of the football pitch.  It's also the smell that I love to smell when I head over to the Yuen Long swimming pool.  If there was an osmanthus fragrance bottled up in a perfume bottle…I'd probably buy it!

Anyhow, it was so nice to just take a little stroll around this pitch…which had absolutely no one in it this morning (which is rare I feel!!!)  I mean, aren't there senior citizens that would do tai chi in parks?  Maybe they do their tai chi earlier than 8 am?

Also, along both sides of the football pitch are eateries, electronic shops, and money exchange places that mostly are frequented by the ethnic minorities that live in Yuen Long.  It's actually (it always seems to me) like the most happening place to be on the weekends!

It's mornings like these that motivate me to continue getting out of the house and taking a nice walk.  My favorite place, though, is still Yuen Long Park.  It's just an amazing place to commune with nature, explore…and feel like I am really working out (walking up and down all those stairs!!!)

Keeping up with my New Year's Resolution…one step at a time!