Friday, May 6, 2016

Holly Browning Again

Today we ventured over to one of our favorite places in Yuen Long (Yoho Mall!) and popped into Holly Brown.  Holly Brown is found all over Hong Kong.  The last time we were there was a month ago when we visited D Park.  Usually, we order gelatos, but we thought we'd try out something new…plus, it was too early in the day for a gelato.  Instead we opted for the brunch/lunch menu.

The awesome thing about the Yoho Mall Holly Brown is that it is in the prime location to people watch.  It sits at the top of the escalators of one of the entrances.  It is also located right above Simply Life.  So, if you like to check out mall-goers, grab a seat on one of the big sofas and a cup of coffee (which, besides gelatos, is what Holly Brown is known for).

This Holly Brown also has a good number of seating available…AGAIN, they have some really nice comfy couches where a party of 6 can easily squeeze in.  It's a great place to have a coffee and a chat with friends for sure.

There is also a great area out on their patio where you can enjoy the cooler mornings and the sunshine.  It's a great area to sun tan actually…but beware of the HARSH Hong Kong UV rays!!!!

For brunch we got a coffee and a tea.  Both, quite nice!


If you are someone who needs a little sugar here and a little milk there…you have to ask the counter for those.

…a little lovely latte art!

We also got a salmon scramble…this was really nice, especially when sandwiched with a spread of butter and jam.

…and an eggs benedict…one had bacon at the base and the other had strips of prosciutto.

The garnish salads (though just garnishes really) were actually quite nice.  They were a great addition to the brunch…even though they were probably there for the color only!

Though brunch wasn't so incredibly fancy, it did hit the spot.  It's nice to get something simple for brunch.  The taste was not that bad…and the proportions were also really good.  And, being from Seattle, it was nice to have something with salmon in it.  It is like preparation for returning to the Pacific Northwest this coming summer!  Costco prepared salmon anyone?