Monday, May 2, 2016

Nursing Rooms @ Yoho Mall

Recently, I've been venturing out and about town with all of my mother friends.  There is no mommy flick that comes to mind about these recent days, but, I think, my days could be described by the flick St.  Elmo's Fire.  Meaning:  I feel like everyone around me is going through the same experiences.  Like the Brat Pack, we've all just graduated from one station in life to a new one, motherhood.

I have noticed that the major challenge when going on these outings has been finding places that have changing tables for soiled diapers and places to nurse babes (D Park, btw, is a haven for comfy nursing rooms!).

There are a few sites online that have pretty good information on TOP Breastfeeding spots around Hong Kong:


The most useful, I think, is the BB Gaga site because they organize baby facilities by districts.

Because I live in Yuen Long (and hoped to focus this blog on Things To Do in Yuen Long), I thought I would write up a little post on one of the nursing rooms in Yoho Mall.  

Most malls, (another) btw, have pretty cold, modern/minimalist types of nursing rooms…Yoho Mall falls in line with that same minimalist-chic type of decor (which isn't the most comfortable, but the amount of amenities in the room make up for the lack of a comfy nursing chair!)

***A look at the Yoho Mall Nursing Room***

1.  A cool thing that some malls have is this Lock and Open type of door.  It not only locks the room, it also turns on an OCCUPIED sign outside.

2.  The space is pretty big, so, if you are a family…there is space for everyone.  The space of the nursing room at Yoho Mall is probably a bit smaller than the size of the first "apartment" I rented in Hong Kong!

3.  The mall also provides a formula bottle warmer and wet wipe warmer.

4.  The changing station is like most malls (the pod!).

5.  There are also a hot water dispensers for mixing up formula.

NOTE:  Nursing covers are also available at the customer service counter (first come- first serve).