Friday, July 1, 2016

Nursing Room @ K11 Mall

Tsim Sha Tsui (TST) is one of the busiest districts in Hong Kong.  It's where I find myself meeting with friends, going to Cantonese class…and doing quite a bit of my shopping!  When I am down here, I never really have to worry about NOT being able to find a changing table or nursing room.  They are easily found in most places that I frequent.  Harbour City, for example, has a really chic and modern nursing room found in Ocean Terminal near the Toys R Us.

One of my favorite nursing rooms to pay a visit to when I am in the area is the K11 Mall.  I'd found this nursing room a few months ago when we were having a gathering at the K11 Pizza Express.  I think that is where most parents feel quite comfortable taking their kids…anyhow, this nursing room has a lot of amenities that make my life a lot more comfortable…not to mention the baby's.

The first amenity is the air purifier, which I always appreciate!

Secondly, there is the ever necessary sink!  Some places I have been to only provide a changing pod sans the sink.  So, any nursing room with a sink is safety on the comfy side of the Nursing Room Spectrum for me.  And it's even more of a luxury if the room comes with a soap-filled dispenser and paper towels.

It's quite a compact space, which you can see from the photos, but it is nice, cozy and warm.  It is quite quiet as well, which is good for me because loud, blaring musical tunes in a nursing room aren't really my cup of tea.

There is a hot water dispenser, as well to mix formula.  These dispensers are another luxury that I appreciate in some of the newer nursing rooms that I've visited over the past few months.  This means that you can mix formula and feed it to your little one fresh.  Given that the water is clean!

The dispenser is also good just for rehydrating your parched-self as well!  It's majorly hot these days…bless the Hong Kong summers…

Fourthly, the ultimate luxury for me in the K11 nursing room is the scale!  Every time I am in the area, I choose to visit the K11 mall just to be able to weigh my baby.  I like seeing how many pounds (and also grams) he weighs week by week.  It's a fun little thing to have in a nursing room!

A fifth amenity is the spacious leather double seat.  There is enough room to spread out all of the diaper bag necessities and also for a friend/spouse to chill out on.

The sixth amenity is the padded changing table.  Though pods are nice and do the job…having the luxury of a pad to lay a baby on is ideal.  I never have to worry about putting a blanket under the baby's head or lining the changing station with blankets to make the changing experience more comfortable…

K11 also provides disposable linings to put your blanket/baby on.  It makes it feel a bit more sanitary…but, that's just me!

The last amenity, this nursing room is a private one, so the door can be locked for privacy.  There is a 15 minute recommended limit though, but I have not really experienced being forced out of the nursing room.  I have not even heard anyone knock at the door.

If in need of a great nursing room, try asking the K11 concierge and they'll kindly direct you (that was my experience the first time I asked them!).