Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Rural Committee Road, Mui Wo

I was out walking around Rural Committee Road today just to see what was out there.  Some things I found…

1.  I had forgotten this place was here!  The last time I was in Mui Wo was when my husband and I did a staycation:  Lantau Holiday.  We'd been wandering around town and came across the Mui Wo Culture and Exhibition Centre.  It is small, but it does have some pretty interesting facts about Mui Wo.

2.  I like how the area is quite empty of people!  It's so different from Yuen Long…when even at 8 am, the streets can be pretty crammed.

3.  I found some really nice paper hangings that made me think of when I'd used to keep my Christmas decorations up until February!

4.  There is a really awesome florist/plant shop on Rural Committee Road.  The signs are in both English and Chinese, so it's easy to see what plants are being sold:  Rose Mary anyone!

5.  One of the coolest shop fronts is this arts and craft workshop.  It reminds me of Accro Coffee, in Yuen Long…near Long Ping station.  When Accro moved to it's current location, they fitted their cafe with an outdoor mini patio.  It's actually a really nice place to chill…if there are no smokers around!  I really dig that rustic look!

6.  I also discovered that there were a minimum of 3 churches that I've found so far…two on Rural Committee Road and one right next to the Soft and Hard shop near the ferry pier area.

7.  I thought it was funny how this backdoor was PERHAPS a front door to this learning centre??

8.  I know that Cheung Chau has a lot of tuk tuk type of bikes, but Mui Wo has their fair share of them as well.  It's really a nice way to get around these days with the sun cover.

9.  Gotta love them dawgs padding around everywhere!

10.  Lastly, I bumped into the local library at the Mui Wo Municipal Services Building.  I might really check it out one of these days and rate the English book selection!