Monday, September 12, 2016

Little Egret Studio

I went to visit a friend's pottery studio the other day and a thought came over me…do all artists just spew artistic-love all over the things they touch?  Like the Midas Touch?  When I was looking around the studio, every tile, every paint brush…and even the clay dust on the floors seemed to give the place a really lovely artistic vibe.  But, then the thought came to me that maybe I am just perceiving all things in this artist's studio as purposely placed for artistic-viewing?  Like, the arrangements of the glazing tiles were purposely color gradient coordinated…or the paint brushes were purposely placed like flower arrangements…but what about the clay dust on the floors?  

My mind just drifts sometimes.  I just wanted to showcase some of the lovely little things I found while taking a tour of Fatima Morrissey's Little Egret Studio.

***Some beautiful things***

1.  Located on Rural Committee Road, this studio can be found behind the beautifully rustic red No. 28 door.

2.  There is a beautifully displayed mini viewing gallery of some of her work right as you enter the studio.

3.  There is a beautiful range of mini sculptures, vessels, and creatures that can be found on these shelves that make me Ooh and Ahh and also chuckle (spotting some mini unicorns in the corner!).

4.  Some of my favorite pieces are her beautifully designed birdcages, which do have little birds within.

5.  Something else that made me chuckle with delight was spotting beautifully mini pegai (is that the plural for pegasus?) nestled atop her studio's shelves.

6.  The backroom looks like beautifully arranged chaos!

7.  Displayed in the backroom are some of her beautifully designed jewelry.

8.  There is also a beautiful little cuckoo clock hanging on the wall that makes me think of Leavenworth, WA (as close to Germany as I can get).

9.  The office area also has this beautiful window seating area that reminds me of somewhere you can do a Japanese tea ceremony (Germany…Japan…quite eclectic little studio, eh!).

10.  On top of one of her walls hangs a beautifully happy little sign endorsing the goodness of life!

11.  In the corner sat one potter's wheel beautifully covered in dried clay.

12.  The studio was covered in a beautiful layer of clay dust.

13.  Within her mini kiln were placed two beautiful works of student pottery.

14.  Glaze is such a beautiful thing in itself…colors of the rainbow!

15.  The pottery tools, though waiting to be washed or dropped into a cup, looked beautifully placed like twigs awaiting placement midway through a flower arrangement.

Being surrounded by beautiful things today made me feel like the entire world was beautiful.  It's a great feeling.  It's a positive feeling.  And I'm totally into having a positively happy life!  I am very much a believer that if you have a positive attitude you can attract a lot of great things.  I've been around many a people who are so incredibly outgoing and positive (not to the point of being annoyingly positive!) that it makes me want to spend time with them every day of the year.  Positive just invites more positives.

The artist!