Friday, September 2, 2016


Another First Thursday has come and gone!

This month we went over to the MOHAI (The Museum of History and Industry) because I'd never been there since it opened.  So, it was a new experience for all of us.  Usually, the Museum of Flight is where most people go on First Thursdays.  I feel like it is always the most popular place on free museum days.  There is a new Aviation Pavilion open to view, which is being advertised all over the city, by the way!

Fun Fact:  In past blogs, I've posted about visiting the Wing Luke Museum on a First Thursday and the Seattle Art Museum on a First Thursday.

***Views of South Lake Union**

The MOHAI sits right on Lake Union.  The entire area is really nice.  Apart from the museum, there is (1) a park where kids can run through sidewalk spraying water…

(2) a model boat pond where kids (and adults) can sail wooden boats…

(3) the Historic Ships Wharf, where you can check out some really cool seafaring vessels up close...

(4) and the Center for Wooden Boats, where you can check out a bunch of wooden boats!! up close and personal too.

For First Thursdays, most museums have free admission to their general exhibits.  There is a discounted price for their special exhibits.  The special exhibit at the MOHAI was Toys from the 50s, 60s and 70s. I just wanted to go to the free exhibits, so this blog is basically just about the permanent collection!  (or…it is just a photo peek into the permanent collection)

***View of the permanent collection at the MOHAI***