Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Plan

My husband asked me, "When you leave this world, what do you want to leave behind?"

The first things to rush into my mind were all things that I still need to do with my life:

1.  I need to travel more
2.  I would like to try more High Tea places
3.  I want to start a family
4.  I need to be with my family more
5.  I want to write a book
6.  I need to make this city my home
7.  I would love to purchase my own home
8.  I need to learn the language of the land
9.  I would love to stick with my amazing part-time job and remain part-time
10.  I want to continue dancing hula with my wonderful hula pals
11.  I want to skate more and continue feeling youthful
12.  I want to write a blog

I'm sure I can add a lot more to this list.

With all the things that I want to still do, what will I be leaving behind that is meaningful?  What will I leave behind that will benefit the world?  I left my previous job with a great motivation to find my mission in life.  After a few months of delving into the world of part-time working and part-time living, I have acquired so many new interests, friends, and experiences.

I want to start this blog with recollections and stories from my past, with thoughts of the moment, and my goals and plans for the future. I want to write as much as I can and leave this content behind for whomever might find it interesting.  Who knows how this will all pan out.

The marina back home 
My new urban jungle