Sunday, August 31, 2014

Tuen Mun Beach: Butterfly Beach

The first time I went to Butterfly Beach was when we were really into camping a few years ago.  It was a great novice campsite because it sat right along the beach, where you had shower and changing facilities.  And there was also a big park and supermarkets in walking distance.

Because the summer is slowly slipping away and the weekends will probably get crazier in the near future, we headed out to Butterfly Beach to enjoy a beach day and relive old memories.

How to get there:
1.  From Yuen Long MTR station, walk down to the Light Rail Terminus
2.  Jump onto Light Rail No. 615 (heading towards the Tuen Mun Ferry Pier)
3.  Get off at Melody Garden (which is one stop after Butterfly)

Off of the Light Rail Platform, there will be a Circle K.  Cross over to Circle K and walk right along towards Butterfly Beach Park.

This park is huge.  There are so many rest areas and nooks to have private gatherings.  There are also a few public restroom facilities, snack kiosks, and barbecue areas.

Butterfly Beach sits along the waterfront of the park!  There is a lot of area for shade.

Beach Review:
1.  The sand was rocky
2.  The water quality was fair
3.  The shade was beautiful (and today had a delightful breeze)
4.  The water was choppy because of the boats that were going by in the distance
5.  I like this place

Like most of Hong Kong's beaches, you can always expect :
1.  Changing room facilities
2.  Shower facilities
3.  Public restrooms
4.  A snack kiosk
5.  Clearly marked swim area
6.  Lifeguards on duty
7.  Rubbish bins
8.  Grassy areas for picnics