Monday, March 9, 2015

Seattle: Des Moines Creek Trail

The first time I got Rollerblades was back in 1990 probably.  We were still living in Honolulu and I just remember urging my folks to get me a pair.  I feel like I may also have been influenced by The Mighty Ducks flick, where all the kids would be skating through the town on rollerblades when they were off of the ice.  Man, that movie made skating look really awesome.

And nearly twenty years later, I still consider myself a leisurely rollerblader.  

My husband recently got a pair of Rollerblades, which is mighty difficult to do nowadays as the stock of any inline skates is dwindling!  As a beginner rollerblading trail, we headed down to the Des Moines Creek Trail.

We started the trail from the Des Moines Marina.  The trail can be found at the very end of the Marina over by the Des Moines Beach Park.  It is paved, pretty leveled and runs 2.5 miles one way.  The trail follows along the Des Moines Creek and passes some beautiful old growth forests.  Through the creek is also a salmon spawning area.  The path ends at 200th Street right across from the Tyee Golf Course.

Midway along the trail is a sewage plant, where cleaned and treated water is discharged into the creek.

Here is where our trail ended, at 200th, right across from the Tyee Golf Course.

1.  It's a great trail for those who like a leisurely walk, short jog, bike ride, or skate trail in the Des Moines area.

2.  Doubling back on the trail is a great idea if you parked in either the trailhead's or trailend's parking lots.

3. The trail has a constant trickle of walkers, which makes it feel really safe.

4.  The surrounding area is beautiful and really showcases the Des Moines Creek area.

5.  And, again, it's a pretty good beginner's rollerblade path!