Friday, September 4, 2015

Date Night CWB

We decided to find a new place to eat out for date night, which is what brought us out to Causeway Bay!  We decided on okonomiyaki…mostly because we were going through photos of our trip to Hiroshima and the Osaka area recently and just remembered all the great okonomiyaki we had.

I found a place on Open Rice that seemed to have really awesome ratings for their okonomiyaki and teppanyaki:  Kozy.

Kozy Info:
9/F Circle Plaza
499 Hennessy Road
Causeway Bay

2591 - 1281

***I RECOMMEND making reservations!!!!!  This place seemed to be so busy.***

Mondays thru Saturdays from 6 pm - 4 am

Just looking at the menu, I knew that this was going to be a nice place to eat.  There was a lot of variety, but there were few enough options so that you can feel NOT OVERWHELMED at the food items.

There were also pretty nice drinks:  I got a Calpis and Coke mix!

Since, there were four of us, we got a bit of everything off of the menu.

We started off with edamame.

Then we got a pork dish…at least, it looks like pork in my photo.  I actually thought we got a Kagoshima beef dish, but I could be wrong!  There was a mashed potato under the meat, which was delicious too!

What's a trip to an okonomiyaki place without ordering some okonomiyaki?  We got the Spring Onion okonomikyaki, which was pretty all right.  I actually was expecting a bunch of cabbage with it, but it was another style…that I hadn't had before.  If anyone knows what style of okonomiyaki this was, I'm all ears  I've only had ones with loads of cabbage in the mix before, but this was, again, pretty all right.

We also got an order of grilled veggies, which were so delicious!

Our second round of ordering, we got the Oden dish…which sooo reminded me of the days when I used to live in Japan and hit up the Oden at the convenient marts.

And the last dish of the night was the cheesy omlette.  This was good, but I'm not a fan of omlettes!

Kozy's was such a nice find.  I really enjoyed the atmosphere and also sampling so many things.  I'm glad there were four of us on this date night.

I'd totally recommend checking out Kozy's and also going with a group of people.  They have awesome drinks and a good selection of eats!

A view from Hysan Place later that night.  The Hong Kong evenings are so spectacularly lovely!