Friday, January 1, 2016

Yuen Long Park Walk

Top New Year's Resolution:  Get MOVING!

Happy 2016!

It's the perfect time of the year to get out and be out.  Since "winter" came on, I've been taking long walks in the park to get in some thinking time and also some exercise.  It's a lot better than walking around Yuen Long town, where there are constantly crowds padding around narrow sidewalks.

Around Yuen Long Park, there is an exercise trail called the Quali Walk.  It's a short little walk, which, I suspect, was paved for the Easy-Stroller (Someone who just likes to walk at their leisure and enjoy being in nature).  It's a great little walk that rounds the base of Yuen Long Park, which is a sort of park build on a hill).

I personally prefer going up and down the stairs to get more of a workout and to also overlook Yuen Long Town.  I highly recommend checking out any park in the districts around Yuen Long.  Some of them are quite awesome…like the Tin Shui Wai Park up near Yuen Long, Victoria Park in Causeway Bay, or Hong Kong Park in Admiralty.  Those are just a few of the beautiful, nature-filled ones that I've often enjoyed a little walk through.

This late afternoon, though, while walking up and down the hill of the Yuen Long Park, I decided to make my way over to the waterfall.  I decided to checkout how the coy was doing in the little pond that was down on that end.

Instead of getting infatuated over the colorful swimming coy, I got distorted with the statuesque sunning turtles that were sun bathing around the edges of the pond.

There weren't many coy out actually.  There was one incredibly bright red one and a few orange ones…but most of the fish in the pond were those black/gray ones that were all milling around the gazebo.

The pond/waterfall area is quite peaceful and lovely…especially because there are hardly any souls in sight.  It was nice to just walk around, take some photos, watch the turtles sunning themselves, and just communing with nature.  It was a nice little break from reality.

The gazebo, by the way, is a great little area behind the pond where you can sit and have a little lunch.  It's a great place to chat with friends too, giving enough privacy from people who are viewing the pond.  When I was there for the short 5 minutes of listening to the waterfall behind me…there were two toddlers and their grandfather who stopped in to take a rest, which was totally fine because they all seemed exhausted from biking around the park.

Goes to show…that even toddlers with bundles of energy can take in the serenity of the pond.

After my little break, I headed back over to the Quali Walk and back to the hectic streets of Yuen Long...

When you are in need of just getting out of the house and escaping some cabin fever, I totally suggest taking a walk down to the local park…even if you do live in an area where the parks are more concrete…there are always interesting things to find…to distract the mind and soak in some peace!