Sunday, April 27, 2014

Amazing Finds: Japanese Sweet Shop

Current City:  Hiroshima

We had a lovely experience riding the Shinkansen over to Hiroshima.  I can understand why kids love the bullet train so much.  It is the excitement of riding such an amazingly fast train!  It is the excitement of entering an exclusive train platform!  It is the excitement of watching Japan fly by in minutes rather than hours!  I can also see why parents buy Shinkansen paraphernalia for their is so incredibly cute to own a "cute-ified" plushy keychain.  

When we first touched down in Hiroshima, we did some exploring of the streets and stumbled upon an amazing Japanese sweet shop!

Memories of Honolulu came back to me!  I remember going into Daiei or the Holiday Mart and hanging out in the candy section.  The most fun candies were from Japan.  It was mind boggling to discover that some of these candies still existed!  

Such a nostalgic moment for me.  

Does anyone else remember these sweet?