Monday, April 7, 2014

This Slow. That Fast.

Animation + ComixANIMAMIX 

Today, I went to experience one of the Animamix Biennale exhibits which was being featured at the City University of Hong Kong.  Set to the theme of "This Slow. That Fast", this exhibit focused on pace and tempo in the visual arts.  The experiential part was the most interesting thing about the works that were showcased.  The entire exhibit was limited to a handful of artists, but it took about half an hour for me to go through.

Venue:  Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre of City University

Address:  Level 3 Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre, 18 Tat Hong Avenue, Kowloon Tong, Kowloon

Hours:  10 am - 5 pm

This exhibit is running until April 12, 2014.

Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre

Reproducing "Hong Kong Our Home Theme Song":  Chow Chun Fai
Differential Reality:  Kelvin Lee
Easy Come, Easy Go:  John Choy
Fall Again, Fall Better (Variation II):  Jeffrey Shaw, Sinan Goo
Prosaic Dwelling:  Ho Sin-Tung
"Prosaic Dwelling" by Ho Sin-Tung impressed me the most.  I love books and, as a child, I loved going through hidden picture books.  This work was presented on a tablet with a pair of headphones.  There were beautifully sketched images (or pages of a book) that could be flipped through.  Reading through the virtual book, there were hints to where to go.

Basically, this virtual book of hidden pictures, took me through an apartment or studio space.  It was very cool to explore the apartment and find magnifying glasses, secret notes, flies, etc.  There were 10 objects that were hidden, which was indicated by the bugs on the right side of the screen.

The headphones added to the experiential bit of this work.  You could drown yourself in the hearing bug noises or a running shower.

back to the future/Tai Chi:  Stanley Wong 
"back to the future/Tai Chi" by Stanley Wong was also very impressive.  It was just beautiful to watch this figure do tai chi out in the universe.  It combined shooting stars, light beams, and other outer-worldy experiences.  The space in front of this work also allowed people to join in on the tai chi.  It was really a beautiful thing to watch.

Sustainable Cinema No. 2:  Lenticular Bicycle:  Scott Hessels
The Maiden and the Hare:  Henry Chu
This exhibit was really a great representation of the using technology as a medium for the visual arts.  There are two more venues that are carrying the Animamix Biennale exhibits, if anyone is interested:  Oi! (in Fortress Hill) and vA! (in Central).