Sunday, June 14, 2015

Airport IMAX: Jurassic World

Since Jurassic Park I, II, and III were some of our favorite childhood flicks, my husband and I decided to go all out with the Jurassic World premier.  We bought tickets for the Airport IMAX, which is found in Terminal 2 of the Hong Kong International Airport (on Lantau Island).

The movie was pretty much the summer blockbuster that we thought it was going to be.  It had stunning visuals.  There was action.  The dinosaurs were amazing to look at.  There was a romantic element between the two main characters.  The story line kept going at a good pace.  There were themes of family solidarity and brotherhood….

Overall, it was mostly quite emotional and breathtaking to the see the theme park fully running and functioning.  I just loved the film.  I wouldn't mind seeing it again!

Perks of seeing Jurassic World at the Airport IMAX:

1.  It wasn't as crowded as the regular cinema.  Perhaps the location or the ticket price might have deterred some movie-goers?  We caught the 9 am showing and it was $120 + an online service charge.

2.  There were a few die hard Jurassic Park fans in the audience.  The hardest-of-die hard fans cheered at the end of the film and kept shouting praises.  He made me smile.  It felt great to clap along with them at the credit roll!  It was even better to see that people actually sat to watch the end credits!!  

3.  In the lobby of the IMAX, there is an area that is like a little museum.  There was a mini introduction of the history of the Hong Kong airport, aviation, and evolution of flight, as well as information on the other IMAX shows.

4.  Though we brought our own 3-D glasses, the staff offered us their IMAX 3-D glasses to use.  At first, I thought that the IMAX glasses might have been different, but they weren't.  So, it was thoughtful that they did give us that option.

5.  The last perk of seeing a movie at the Airport IMAX was probably the fact that we just hopped on a bus and headed (a short bus ride away) to the City Gate Outlets.  We had lunch and spent the afternoon browsing what the outlets had to offer.

Today was a great day.  We watched a pretty awesome summer blockbuster and had a nice Sichuan lunch at the mall!  Happy summer days!