Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Hello Kitty Chinese Cuisine

One of my favorite places that I've had the pleasure of waiting 3 hours in line for was the Hello Kitty Secret Garden Cafe in Tai Hang.  I've since tried to visit the other Hello Kitty pop-up restaurants around Hong Kong, but hadn't had the patience to wait in line.  I actually quelled my dissatisfaction with visiting the Charlie Brown Cafe.  I just need a bit of novelty in my life!!!  Don't you?

When I got wind of another Hello Kitty fetish restaurant opening up around Yau Ma Tei, I jumped at the opportunity to try my patience on the weekday.

Getting to Hello Kitty Chinese Cuisine:

1.  From Jordan Station Exit C1, you'll find yourself on Bowring Street

2.  Walk along Bowring Street in the direction of Austin Station

3.  Down about 7 blocks, you'll hit King George V Memorial Park's entrance

4.  Turn left and you'll be on Canton Road

5.  The Hello Kitty Chinese Cuisine will be on your left

Hello Kitty Chinese Cuisine Info:
Shop A - C Lee Loy Mansion
332 - 338 Canton Road
Yau Ma Tei

Open daily from 11 am - 11 pm

NOTE:  They didn't take reservations, but they might in the future…as their website has a link for reservations.

The wait wasn't that long.  I would say that I waited 10 minutes or so.  It wasn't that bad of a wait either because it was nice to just see all the Hello Kitty enthusiasts who were as excited as I was to try this restaurant.

The menu was all in Chinese, which was fine because we just got a bunch of the dim sums from the pictures.  The waitstaff were incredibly nice, though, because they took the time to go through the dim sum menu with us.

SUGGESTION:  If you have a desire to check out Hello Kitty Chinese Cuisine, I would suggest checking out the menu online.  Perhaps go through it with a friend who can translate.  Then you can go to the restaurant prepared with which dishes you'd like to order.

We got a pot of jasmine tea.

We ordered an apple chicken and rice entree.

We also got a bunch of dim sum dishes:  Shrimp dumplings also known as Har Gow (or 蝦餃 in Chinese)...

Steamed cake also known as Ma Lai Go (or 馬拉糕 in Chinese)...

Sorry for the GREAT BLURRRR

Steamed lotus seed paste buns also known as Lin Yung Bao (or 莲蓉包 in Chinese)...

And, lastly, steamed custard buns also known as Lau Sa Bao (or 流沙包 in Chinese)…

Though the food was quite mediocre, the experience was something that I could tick off on my bucket list.

I'm not sure that I'd return to eat dim sum here on my own.  I would, however, consider taking my sister or mother here if they felt up for a Hello Kitty novelty eatery the next time they visit!