Friday, June 5, 2015

Darts Master

Somedays, I find that I have just absolutely nothing to do.  It could be because the weather is horrible outside…It could also be because I've just ticked everything that I had to do off of my TO DO LIST...But, today was one of those days when I found myself asking my husband, "What do you want to do today?"

This was when we found ourselves looking up "Fun Things To Do in Yuen Long" on the internet.

After an hour of searching and brainstorming, we came upon something so conveniently located in Yuen Long.

This place, before I had even been inside, seemed to me like discovering a diamond in the rough.

Located on one of Yuen Long's main roads, On Ning Road, this place seemed so stealthily camouflaged if it weren't for the blue posters, which were meant to lead seekers from the street, up this stairwell, and to the front door of…this place.

This place, which I have walked by numerous times, but never really seen the signs, is called Darts Master.

Darts Master Info:

2/F Hung Wan House
35 On Ning Road
Yuen Long

Open Weekdays from 3 pm - 2 am
Open Weekends from 1 pm - 2 am

At first sight, I thought I was walking into someone's home, which it sort of was.  Darts Master is your basic Yuen Long apartment converted into a dart hall.  There were 6 electronic dart machines, if I can remember correctly.  Each machine could host up to 4 players, if I can remember correctly.  And we had to purchase a drink to gain entry, which I remember quite correctly!

We spent most of the afternoon playing darts, which wasn't all that bad (thank you air conditioning!).  

When we were younger, we used to shoot darts down in Tsim Sha Tsui, on Knutsford Terrace.  We used to also visit some dart places around Mong Kok just to pass the time.  Who knew that there was a dart place local to us in Yuen Long?    

Because we went on a weekday afternoon, there weren't many people there.  I suspect that this place is probably incredibly popular in the evenings, especially on the weekends.  Darts Master seems like a place that is popular through word of mouth, for sure.  When we were there, it seemed like the manager and a few of the guys shooting darts had known each other for awhile.

Though I'm totally an amateur, this was a great find and I had a great time.  Each game costed us only $5 HKD a person.  So, it's an inexpensive way to kill the time and also get in some healthy competition.  

I'm not much of a dart player, but, the next time I am bored and am asking myself, "What should I do today?"  I'm going to definitely consider hitting up the Darts Master again.

I think darts might be my new addiction this summer.