Monday, February 1, 2016

Jazz at Ned Kelly's

It was another Girls' Night Out and we hit up Ned Kelly's for the jazz music.  It's always nice to listen to live music while you eat, drink, and have a bunch of merriment.  

Ned Kelly's Last Stand is one of those bars that were in Hong Kong for a really long time.  They claimed that they were one of Kowloon's longest standing pubs…which I totally believe.  

It's also named after one of Australia's most famous outlaws…

Fun Fact:  Ned Kelly (as Wiki says) is one of Australia's cultural icons, who some think of as Austrialia's Robin Hood.

11 A Ashley Road
Tsim Sha Tsui

2376 - 0562

*We got there around 7pm, so there was no real need to reserve a table (though you can reserve tables).  Most people come in around 9 pm…after work.

The pub looks like something out of the Wild West…though Australia's Wild West.  It's a really nice chill place to hang out.  There were a mix of people who actually were here:  like mothers and their new born babies, families with young children, tourists from out of town, businessmen looking for an afterwork drink, and office coworkers who were looking to blow off some steam.  Who'd of thunk that there'd be so much variety…

The menu had a good deal of the usual burgers, steaks, salads, and sides.  The drink menu was also pretty extensive…There was something for everyone though.

The first thing on our docket was to try out the nachos.  They were all right.  They were your basic Doritos with cheese, salsa and cream cheese.  It wasn't that impressive…

The second thing on our docket was to try the calamari.  This too was not so impressive…

The third thing we got was the stuffed potatoes…which was filling, but not that impressive…

And the last thing we got was the fish and chips, which was probably the best thing on the menu.

I'm not sure if the actual menu might have been better to select food off of, but we were in the peckish mood for just the snacks.  The snacks were, again, not so impressive, but they did fill our stomachs with the satisfaction that only greasy junk food can give.

But, the food wasn't the draw.  It was the jazz music that really made the evening.  The band started up around 9:30 pm and play their first set, which was pretty awesome.  It's been awhile since I have listened to live music…not counting the band that goes round Disneyland.

It's a great show to watch and they had a really great vibe about them that made me want to get my old trumpet out of the closet and start learning how to play it again.

If you are in for some pretty darn good jazz music in the Kowloon area…then going to Ned Kelly's on Ashley Road is a great option.  There are also a lot of other great restaurants to try on Ashley Road.