Monday, February 22, 2016

Royal Plaza Hotel Sweets

It was another lazy Saturday…when the weather was beautifully warm…and we just didn't feel like heading down into the city to do anything special for afternoon tea.  So, we headed over to Yuen Long Plaza…to use some Starbucks gift certificates that we got over the Chinese New Year.

When we were walking around, we spotted a little kiosk that was set up by the Royal Plaza Hotel.  We decided to test out one of the tarts.

I've heard of the cakes from the Royal Plaza Hotel before.  One of my friends had bought a cake that looked like a bowl of noodles from this place for a friend's birthday.  When I saw the image on her phone, I had made a mental note to check out this place one day!  Who knew…with such good luck…that these cakes came to Yuen Long!

The kiosk was selling a bunch of treats that could be eaten for afternoon tea…and also for gifts during the Chinese New Year.

The prices aren't that bad!

The treat that we decided on was the Baked Chocolate Tart.  It looked like one of the more popular options in the kiosk.

They were also selling little ramen bowls with cookie char siu and a sunny side up egg in the front.  We picked up one of the mini bowls as a birthday present for my mother, who has been visiting these past few weeks with my dad.  This was another stroke of luck "feeling" that I had in just minutes after realizing that the Royal Plaza Hotel kiosk was in Yuen Long Plaza.

By the way…the cake was a chestnut flavored cake.  Though it was small…the taste was pretty good.  I think that the novelty of the look of the cake is probably what makes these really special though.  I'm not sure how long the kiosk will be at Yuen Long Plaza, but I'm totally thinking about picking up another cake as a thank you gift for someone special.  We'll see.  The price is pretty all right!  And the taste is also pretty all right!  The look, though, is priceless!

Some of the other cakes that were available…

After picking up our little Baked Chocolate Tart, we headed to Starbucks and actually got a seat!  ANOTHER STROKE OF LUCK…because it is hard to get a seat at the Yuen Long Plaza Starbucks…there are always loads of people there.

Spending the afternoon with a nice cup of coffee and eating sweets to give the appropriate sugar rush into the early evening…that's what I call a really great afternoon.