Friday, June 10, 2016

China Bear, Mui Wo

To the right of the Mui Wo Ferry pier and next to McDonalds is a local eatery called China Bear.  My friend told me that, since the new owner took the reigns, this place has really upped its food game.  This is one of the few places that I've tried in Mui Wo, so I had pretty high expectations of the food…especially since it was recommended.

Some nice things that I tried for the first time at China Bear, which left me with a pretty good first impression:

1.  The fish and chips are really nice.  I think this is always my Go To dish at any restaurant because it's usually really good and reliable!  I got my fish.  I got my fries…and I got my tartar sauce…(well…I did half my fish and chips with my husband…so, I'm not just saying these dishes are nice from looks alone!)

2.  The chocolate shake is pretty nice.  Last summer, for some reason, when I was at McDonalds…I couldn't order milkshakes anymore.  This might have been a miscommunication, but the McDonalds staffer said that they didn't offer milkshakes anymore…THIS SUMMER, though, I was able to order milkshakes from McDonalds again…who knows.  But, the China Bear shakes are nice.

3.  The cheese burger platter was also quite nice.  Fries and a burger are always a comfort food to get…a soul food.  It reminds me of Sunday lunches with my family back in Hawaii.  After church, we'd always head across the street to McDonalds  (I'm just having loads of flashbacks to McDonalds today!) for lunch.  Back then, my sister and I couldn't even finish a Happy Meal on our own…now, look at me…I can totally eat two of these cheese burgers…and have my fish and chips on the side!

China Bear…thanks for the great first impression!