Friday, June 24, 2016


Moving takes a lot of time.  So, we've been going between Lantau and Yuen Long quite frequently these days!!

Before we totally jettison out of Yuen Long, we decided to try another new place for lunch…this time we popped into Stormies at Yoho Mall.

This blog feels like it's become a total food blog because I have been really focusing on places to eat, but it's what I find myself mostly doing these days…besides packing boxes.

Stories reminds me of Spuds on Alki.  It has that same nautical feel, even though Stormies is nowhere near the sea.

Like most of the restaurants in Yoho Mall, there was a pretty nice selection of foods (and the usual burger and fries).

Something eye catching was the Australian Angus Beef offer.  We didn't really know what the size of the sirloin steak would be, but thought it might be fun to wager a bet on how much 88 HKD would give us.

Turns out that it was a pretty good size of an appetizer.

The restaurant was pretty chill.  It was sort of like a sports bar…kind of what I thought Brotzeit was like.  There were two screens playing pop music though… but it felt very Hong Kong to me.  What do I mean?  Well, because I frequent a lot of Hong Kong-style cafes for my morning breakfast fix…I've noticed that a lot of the time there are televisions placed around for people to watch the news or the local programs.

The Hong Kong-style cafe, by the way, is also the place that hosts World Cup (or other sports events) at 4 in the morning…if you are looking for places that have cable television!!!

Stormies, like a lot of the Yoho Mall restaurants, has an outdoor eating area…which I always will appreciate.  Though it was raining on this particular day, it was still nice to know that I could have the option to sit out in the fresh Yuen Long air and catch a tan.

We both got set lunch meals.

The first course was a soup and a salad.  The soup was probably corn soup, but we weren't that sure.  But, it was pretty nice.  The salad was a basic green salad with some bacon and croutons on the top.  It was a nice, simple starter.

We each got a cocktail and coffee.  The coffee, which I am not so picky about, was pretty all right.  I feel like all the coffee that I order are pretty much the same.  I'm not a coffee connoisseur…though I spent a great deal of my life living in Seattle!  I do love coffee…plain and black.

But, mostly, coffee is just coffee to me...  I mean, there is a difference between restaurant-grade and my own home-made coffee (which I can almost guarantee is more delicious because I know how to tailor make my own cup of Joe), but yes…most restaurant coffee in HK pretty much tastes the same.  Makes me wonder if everyone just has the same coffee machine (vendor!), actually.

For the sake of trial, I got the quesadilla.  It was a basic quesadilla…something I feel like I could make and probably have!  The french fries were good…the salsa was good…the guac, though…seemed processed.  But, overall, it was satisfying in quantity and taste.

The sirloin we ordered (featured below) was also pretty nice.  It was nice and "crispy" on the outside and moist on the inside…

No complaints…

My husband got the fish fillet, which hid potatoes and mushrooms beneath.  Sampling his platter, the fish was really nice.  It was nicely cooked, the seasoning was really nice…it wasn't too salty…it tasted fresh…again, no complaints.

This would probably be a one time stop for me though…because we're out of Yuen Long pretty soon.

As a parting, we each got a complimentary panacotta… It was a nice dessert to finish off our meal.

Stormies was pretty all right.