Friday, June 3, 2016

Ikea Day

The first time I went to Ikea was when I had moved to Seattle.  I used to think that the showrooms were amazing.  And they still are…when I moved to Beijing, I used to ride out to Ikea just to stock up on some coffee grinds.  It wasn't until I moved to Hong Kong when I started going to the Ikea Canteen and spending more than just a quick stop and shopping trip to the Mothership (as my Swedish friend called Ikea!).

We caught the bus over to the Shatin Ikea…where the store opens at 10:30 am (we got there at 10 am expecting it to be open.).  Because we were there early, we decided to just see what the Ikea Canteen had…Instead of just waiting around, we decided to sample some of the food and just hangout until the store opened.

Fun Fact:  The coffee has complimentary refills!!!!  Since I'm back at drinking coffee…it was quite nice to gulp down my morning caffeine fix.

We were at Ikea mainly to pick up storage because we're moving house.  But, we took our time just cruising the store and checking out all the cool furniture.  Here are a few of my favorites!!!

1.  I love how tables can be stackable to create space in the small spaces that we Hong Kong people live in.

2.  I love how the displays actually looked so lived in at the opening of the day…How often do the Ikea staffers remake and maintain the showrooms?  I FEEL LIKE they must do it a lot because there are always people sleeping in the beds and rearranging the showrooms!

3.  I  love these brain and eye ball designs…so different!  I like how there is something that caters to everyone!

4.  I  love these huge mosquito nets…I wish I could get one.  Then I could have a picnic outside at a park and not worry about getting bitten up by mosquitos in the summers…

5.  I love these little lanterns.  They're really nice to have in the summer as well…to light up a romantic dinner on a roof top!  …or just to decorate the house for a party.  These are really nice to have!

6.  I also love these Japanese lantern bulb covers.  I'm thinking, again, that they'd be nice for a summer party...

7.  Lastly, I love how Ikea has carts for wee people!  I am always impressed at how Ikea caters to everyone...

While checking out of Ikea, we also realized that there was a children's "day" care area.  This is really convenient for parents who have to make huge decisions like which bookshelf to get and how to arrange shipping!  These decisions take time…and I KNOW FOR SURE that kids don't have that long of an attention span to wait for answers.  So, dropping the kiddos off at the "day" care area is a really great option!

***A Look At The Child Care Area***

I've only been to the Shatin Ikea, but I wonder if the Causeway Bay and Kowloon Bay Ikeas have the same Child Care area…

Another fun day at Ikea!