Friday, July 24, 2015

Green Eats: Ovo Cafe

We're down in Wan Chai today for a late lunch, early afternoon tea.  Our friend suggested checking out the Ovo Cafe, which is one of Hong Kong's vegetarian/green eateries.  Turns out that it was a pretty great choice! 

Ovo Cafe Information:

G/F, 1 Wan Chai Road
Wan Chai


Monday - Friday from 11:30 am - 10 pm
Saturday, Sundays, Public Holidays from 10 am - 10 pm

Not only is the ambiance pretty chic and trendy, but the menu had a good mix of soups, salads, snacks, and mains.  At the register, there was also a nice little variety pastries.

And because drinks are EVER so IMPORTANT these days to combat the heat, I was so impressed at the drinks available:  teas, fruit juices, smoothies, hot chocolates, coffees and even two options of wine.

The wait was also not that bad~ about 10 minutes.  

I really liked the cafeteria style dining.  Basically, we ordered at the register, took our seats, and waited for our food and drinks to come.

We got one poached egg, cheese and saffron risotto, which was pretty nice.

And we got a quinoa salad stacked with fig and hazelnut, which was also pretty nice.

I actually never had a fig before and that was probably the best part of the quinoa salad.

The new love of my life:  figs
We also ordered an orange passionfruit smoothie, which was so refreshing.

Overall, I really liked the Ovo Cafe.  It was so filling.  It felt like a great healthy option for our late lunch/early afternoon tea.  It was also such a lovely environment to eat in.  I absolutely loved the big wooden tables and the foliage climbing up the walls.  They really thought about their eater's experience!

If I was in the area again, I would definitely try one of the other salads.

AFTERTHOUGHT:  Though I really enjoyed the quinoa salad, I do wish there were more drenching of dressing for my salad!!!!!