Friday, July 17, 2015

It's Friday!

We were down in Tsim Sha Tsui (TST) renewing our Museum Passes and checking out the new exhibits at the Museum of History and the Science Museum (which I realize, now, that I have never blogged about!). 

If you are looking for something to do on a hot summer's day in Hong Kong, here's an option.

1.  Right now, the Hong Kong Museum of History has a pretty awesome exhibit about the ancient Chinese capital of Xian and the Han Dynasty.  It's pretty much a brief overview of the going-ons and happenings of the Han Dynasty from its rise to its fall.  There is a pretty sizable collection of artifacts, which the jade suit (pictured below) is among.

2.  Over at the Science Museum, there is a really awesome exhibit on Western Scientific Instruments of the Qing Court.  Photo taking was totally restricted, but it was such an awesome exhibit that featured instruments that mapped the stars, instruments that helped with sea voyages and navigation, instruments of mathematics (manual calculators/measurements), medical instruments, and more.  It was such an amazing collection of instruments!

The Western Scientific Instruments exhibit was on the lower ground floor.

3.  After spending most of the day in the lovely air conditioned spaces of the museums, we walked around with some cold drinks and lingered around the arrow shaped fountain in TST East.  Doesn't it look lovely…if it were an option, I would totally swim in there to cool off.  The park runs a bit along Chatham Road South, which leads back to the TST East MTR station.  It's a nice little urban park that is never crowded, has lots of benches, and also has numerous areas of shade!

4.  We ended the day at the TST Yoshinoya on Cameron Road and decided to get the newly advertised Korean Style Hot Pot.  It wasn't spicy, but it did have traces of kim chi in it.  It was all right.  I think that the most fun part was probably cooking the food by ourselves in our little personal-sized hot pot.

There is always something to do when in TST.  It's the center of a lot of dining, cultural activities, and shopping.  When in need of getting out and doing something fun, I'd totally think of heading to TST.  Top of my list of best districts in Hong Kong!