Friday, May 27, 2016

Brotzeit, Yoho Mall

I've not been to a German restaurant since driving out to Leavenworth, WA a decade ago.  And back then, besides checking out the Christmas shop and playing around in the snow, we'd just get the sausage platter and some beers.  So, when my husband and I passed by Brotzeit, we were looking forward to seeing how good the food was…because it had been a looooooong time.

Brotzeit is the German restaurant in Yoho Mall.  It sits along side a really great selection of restaurants (like Iberico & Co.)  It's in the cove of restaurants, as I like to call it…with a Japanese place, Korean place…and more for me to test out some time soon. 

Most of the restaurants at Yoho Mall have an outdoor eating space.  The outdoor deck at Brotzeit is really nice, covered with umbrellas at one end and exposed to the sun on the other.  The deck, which is really nice for the evenings, is a really great way to get away from the crowds, since it is nice and hot outside, most people choose to sit indoors.  …and, in the afternoons, another benefit to sitting outside it is that it is truly a really nice place to soak in the sun and drink a pint of beer.

We were there for the lunch rush, so we ordered off of the lunch set menu, which is actually a really great deal (opposed to ordering a la carte).  The proportions are descent and the price is really great.

My husband got the Pork Cheese Sausage platter.  This was pretty nice.  It was a pretty good sausage with some mustard on the side.  It wasn't anything spectacular, but it was tasty.

He also got the soup of the day, which was tomato.  This was also all right.  And I only know it is all right because I got to taste test his dishes, which is the great thing about being able to have meals with people close to you…you get to sample off of their orders!

…I got the baked camembert starter, which was nice as well…

And, trying to make healthier choices today, I got one of the healthy salads.  This one was zucchinis, olives, mozzarella and greens.  It was a really nice salad mix.  I'd definitely order more salad selections when I visit the next time.

We also added a dessert platter, which was a deal because it was only a fraction of the normal cost when added to the lunch set.

The late lunch was a really great treat.  It was different…to eating at the local canteen and it gave us a chance to sample a new place.  I'd definitely return to Brotzeit..probably in the evening next time.  I've actually only been testing out the Yoho Mall restaurants during lunch time.  I think it's because most of the time we cook dinner…but, it's nice to have lunch there…

Dinner, though, might be a whole 'nother experience...