Monday, May 23, 2016

Nursing Rooms @ Yuen Long Plaza

This is the third installment of my Nursing Rooms around Hong Kong posts.  Today's Nursing Room comes to you from Yuen Long Plaza.  I actually was surprised that there was such a nice nursing room here because the Plaza is so small and not really the sort of place I thought would have this type of amenity.

I mean…the Plaza is definitely upping it's game with the new Fusion supermarket, the always awesome Uniqlo, and a new Starbucks shop…but, who knew that this Nursing Room had been here before all those things came to the Plaza???

I'm glad, none the less, to share what the Nursing Room and Changing Station look like.

The Nursing Room is found on the third floor of the Plaza near the restrooms (behind the Joint Publishing bookstore and Genki Sushi).

It'll be easy to spot because of the cutesy baby imagery that lead to the room.

When I first looked inside, I was quite surprised at how colorful and well kept the place was.  It looks semi new too.

The actual nursing room is to the right of the changing room. Besides the lock door, there is a changing station, a sink, soap, and paper napkins to wash your hands…as well as a diaper bin next to it…

There is also one pretty comfortable chair that gives pretty good arm support.

The only downside to having this wonderfully private nursing room is…that there is only one!  I am not too sure how busy this place gets, but, this morning, there weren't any babies or families at all in the changing room.  It was pretty nice to have the entire changing room to myself!

But, when it does get busy…I think that having one nursing room is not enough!  I mean, Yuen Long is a place where there are a lot of young families.  Everywhere I go I see babies…so, definitely, places around the city should think about having more nursing rooms to accommodate.

Seriously, who wants to wait half an hour to nurse their crying-of-hunger baby?

If the actual Nursing Room is busy, there are benches outside where you can nurse (if you like).

The outside changing room is public (open to fathers and mothers and anyone really…)

There are three changing tables with three diaper bins beneath.  Their quite cute…though close together.  But, they definitely can only hold one person at each station and their baby!  So, if you and your partner want to change the baby together…it is a tight squeeze!  But, tight squeezes are common in Hong Kong.

I've just started noticing this, but most nursing/changing rooms also have air purifiers…that's a neat thing to include!

It's always good to know that the malls are now installing changing stations/ nursing rooms.  It makes me think that they really are catering to a large target consumer!

Good job Yuen Long Plaza!