Monday, June 13, 2016

Brunch Club on Peel

Exploring Central is one of my favorite pastimes.  There are always shops, cafes and things that I've never seen or been to before.  It was during one of my explorations (wanderings) that I discovered the Tea Saloon by Another Fine Day!

The Central district is always filled with something new and amazing.  

Today, going along Peel Street, some new discoveries...

At first glance, I thought this was an art installation, but, upon further inspection, I think it might have been someone's idea of a joke.  The hydrant was spewing out into a plastic bottle…with some metal box chained to it.  On further inspection, I just let myself remain baffled at what was up with the fire hydrant...

A bit up from the hydrant was a dog, just sitting there watching me.  I thought she was another art installation for a second because she was so still, but she wasn't.

The streets and hills of Central are always quite lovely to walk upon.  There are some streets that have cobble stone steps…there are some that have brick steps (like Peel Street's stairway).  It makes wandering around more interesting than just walking along the usual city concrete.

Along the Peel Street steps, there are some really nice apartment complexes…I'm always impressed at how there are so many people who insist on growing plants in such a concrete jungle as Hong Kong is dubbed.  It's really a nice pastime to entertain…and it makes living spaces a lot more attractive (the terrace below reminds me a bit of living in a subtropic paradise…not like the glass skyscraper-filled Hong Kong that people think of…but of something more low key and historic (does anyone get me?).

A section of Peel Street follows along this wall of holes…beautiful!

My final destination (I was not really wandering around Central!  I had a purpose!), was the Brunch Club, which was a little ways up from the steps that I was walking up.  This was my first time eating here…for brunch and I was pleasantly surprised that it was a great experience!

Mostly, the staff were just really nice and accommodating.  PLUS, it was a week day, so there wasn't as many patrons, which meant that the atmosphere was pretty chill (and I love chilled days).

It was a great place to meet some friends and have a few hours of chit-chat.

The food was also quite nice (as I always say…because most of the food I've tried around Hong Kong TRULY IS PRETTY NICE).

I got one of the smoothies…Yup, I'm still trying to be healthier…as what my 2016 New Year's Resolution dictated!

…and I got the muesli, yogurt, fresh fruits and honey platter…

Brunch at the Brunch Club was pretty fun.  It is always nice to get together with friends and talk about everything under the sun.  It's also nice to have a place where you can get decent food at a decent price.     And it's triple-y nice to take a walk in a neighborhood outside of my Yuen Long and brunch like a local.