Monday, June 20, 2016

Nursing Room @ Ikea

Another post about another nursing room!  You have been warned!

Ikea is my new addiction these days (on the weekends).  It's where I've been spending a lot of my time looking at furniture and storage (especially).  

Online, a lot of people talk about the nursing room located on the showcase floor of Ikea.  It's actually one of the most comfy nursing rooms that I've been to:

1.  Quiet
2.  Comfy
3.  Filled with great Ikea's own nursery items
4.  Convenient to get to
5.  ...and Baby loved it

The space is pretty big.  It can accommodate about three babies and their mothers (maybe fathers too).  The space is good for changing, nursing, and resting…

There is also a hot/cold/cool water dispenser for thirsty people…and mixing formula.

There is the basic sink, soap and hand washing station area…AND a mirror to check yourself for spit ups…

There is also a really nice bench to put your bags or bum on.  It's a nice place to take a rest (besides sitting on the sofas in the Ikea showcase rooms…!

The actual nursing room is quite basic…it has a chair, a shelf to put your things…and a door with a lock.  I think the luxuries are probably the pillow, that you can rest your baby/arm on and the shelf, where you can put your things on.  But, pretty basic. 

There are two changing tables, which I totally forgot to take a snapshot of, but you can see part of it in the images above.  I did, however, take a photo of the mobile above one of the changing tables.  I must have been so enthralled at the lovely bugs that I totally forgot about the importance of showing you all the changing tables, which, actually, may/may not be that important!

I was quite impressed with the nursery room here.  Since I've been spending most weekends at Ikea, I think that it's good to know where the nursery room is located (on the showcase floor near the escalators) and what it is stocked with (nursing room, water dispenser and changing tables!).