Monday, October 3, 2016

Caffe Paradiso

We usually make breakfast at home because WHO WANTS TO GET READY AND BE PRESENTABLE in the mornings?  Plus, we usually just make coffee and dig in to pre-bought pastries.  But, being it is October (we ran out of coffee), we decided to just head out for breakfast.

There was a cafe open near China Bear that we thought we'd try. It's probably been here for ages, but we just discovered it.  And it is always great to discover new places because you learn something new every time.

Caffe Paradiso Info:
Shop 8, G/F Mui Wo Centre
3 Ngan Wan Road
Mui Wo

Fun Fact:  My friends tell me it's referred to as Tom's place.  Tom was there when we were there (probably there all the time because he's the owner), but just learned that he was the owner after the fact.

The menu is really awesome.  I love an All-Day Breakfast.  And it comes in both Chinese and English.  

The food is made fresh, which is always awesome.  Actually, most of the food around here looks freshly bought and made.  I mean, there isn't a lot of frozen and thawed out food being served up.

Coffee was served up first.  THANK GOODNESS.  I thought it was really thoughtful to serve coffee before our breakfast.  It is not only necessary (!), but a great thing to sip and have a morning chat to.  I referred to Isaac Mizrahi before saying that it is always good to have something to do whilst having a chat (like knitting).  I totally believe in that.  Sipping coffee and talking about the day is a great way to start the morning.

Actually, maybe this is the norm for most places…but I have had many experiences where I have to ask the servers to bring me my ordered drink…halfway through a meal.

I digress…

As we waited for our breakfast, we checked out the cafe.  It was like a feast for the eyes.  Every nook and cranny was decorated.  It was nice and eclectic, just how I like it!

Now for the food…I know breakfast is probably the easiest thing to make…and sausage and eggs is something that is easily picked up from the grocery story…but there is something about having breakfast out and about that makes it more fancy!

I mean, I don't mind paying more to eat out because I like just having the chance to be lazy and treat myself sometimes.

I got the egg, tomato, sausage and bean breakfast with a side of toast.

My husband got the eggs, sausage, tomato, beans and bacon breakfast with a side of toast.

We had a fantastic morning!  Great home-cooked breakfasts…great coffee.

I loved our first venture to Caffe Paradiso!