Friday, September 30, 2016

DIY Monster Mobile

My main DIY project for this month was to make a baby mobile.  Not professional, but made with the sincerest of love.  I had been looking online for inspiration and found so many amazingly wonderful baby mobiles.  I thought that, with a little time and effort, I could make one just as amazing.

For a few days, I was going through ideas…Beach themed?  There had been people who had made beautifully beachy seashell mobiles that cascaded down towards the crib.  Nature themed?  There were mobiles made of twigs and little owls attached to the branches that looked rustically cool.  Monster themed?  One mobile that caught my eye was a monster mobile that someone had made with multicolored monsters…

The monster mobile was the one that captured my heart!

So, I took a trip to the Hong Kong International Airport's Jusco Living Plaza (as I usually do these days) and picked up a few supplies that I needed to make this mobile.

Enough of the back story…

Here's What I Used For My DIY Project:
1.  Felt for Monster Bodies
2.  String for Attaching Monsters
3.  Eyes from Jusco Living Plaza
4.  Pipe Cleaners from Jusco Living Plaza
5.  A Pot Holder I Found at a Local Kitchenware Shop
6.  Felting Needles I Got from my Sister
7.  Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
8.  Scissors for Cutting Things

***The hole puncher in the picture was not used for the actual project!!!!***




Pipe Cleaners

Pot Holder

Felting Needs to FELT the Felt!

Here's What I Did:

I felted the felt into balls or round shapes


I tied the strings around the center of the balls.  One half would be my monster heads.  One half would be my monster bodies.  I also left the strings long so that I could attach them to the pot holder/mobile holder.


I then hot glue gunned eyes and pipe cleaners on to make my monsters.


I then tied the strings onto the pot holder, which was my mobile holder.  And I hot glue gunned the rest of my materials (just to not waste anything) onto the strings to hide the ties.

My Monster Mobile:

And here is the final product.  My monthly DIY project completed!

It was a fun project to do this month.  It was also quite easy to find the materials and to put it all together.  Though, the process of felting took a bit of time.  They aren't anything special, just round objects, but the project did take time.  In the end, I just love that it turned out so well!