Sunday, July 6, 2014

Wandering Around Causeway Bay

I said this before and I'll say it again:  I love getting off at stops on the MTR and exploring the area. 

Though Causeway Bay is one of the MOST popular stops on the MTR, there are still amazing things that I always find here...especially when word of Batman Mobiles, World Cup Fever, and Little Miss Sunshine are spreading around.

Suggested Itinerary for WANDERING or SHOPPING! or WHAT-HAVE-YOU:

1.  From Causeway Bay MTR Station, exit at Time Square, which is one of Hong Kong's landmarks, and enjoy a stroll around the mall and the surrounding area (you can find restaurants, cinemas, electronic havens, high end/luxury shops, funky/street fashion boutiques...  If you walk a bit farther, under the highway, you may even find those women who will put curses on your enemies for a little fee!  

Throughout the year, Time Square always holds something fun and exciting to look at (like the Batman vehicles below):

2.  From Time Square, you can take a minute walk across Percival Street, down Kai Chiu Road and towards Hysan Place.  Hysan Place is home to one of Hong Kong's best bookstores called Eslite.   There are several floors of books, a cafe, and much more.  

Around Hysan Place, it's also worth taking a walk along Jardine's Bazaar, where you can find a lot of fun things (think Ladies Market, but smaller).  Jardine's Bazaar is to the right of Hysan Place, just before Forever 21.

3.  Forever 21 sits across from SOGO (Hong Kong department store).  When you cross the main street (Hennessey Road/Yee Wo Street), a whole 'nother  shopping area comes into view.  There are many "malls" in this area...or buildings with a lot of shops and restaurants inside.  There is Fashion Walk, the Island Beverly Centre, and the World Trade Centre, and everything in-between here.

And,right now, the Fashion Walk area is covered with Little Misses and Mr. Men stuff.

Causeway Bay is such a great area for shopping, but it is also great to take in a movie, have a cup of coffee and people watch, or take a dip in the Victoria Park swimming pool, (more to come on Causeway Bay tomorrow!).