Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Wandering Around Ikea

Most times, I'm in Causeway Bay to pop into Ikea and find things to help organize my life.  There are a few Ikeas in Hong Kong, but the one that's easiest to get to, for me, is this one.  The Causeway Bay Ikea sits right along the side of Victoria Park.

How To Get Here:
1.  From Causeway Bay MTR Exit E, turn left
2.  You'll be walking along Great George Street
3.  Pass Fashion Walk on your left
4.  Pass Wellcome (supermarket) on your left
5.  You should see the IKEA sign pretty soon after (on your left)

I remember my friends and I thinking it was funny to find people sleeping on sofas and beds in the Beijing Ikea.  I have seen people resting in the chairs here as well....but not for the extended time of some other people. 

This recollection actually made me wonder if there was a website out there for strange things at Ikea.

Anyhow, here are a few of the fun things I found as I made my way around the store.

1.  There are lip/mouth pillows here in the Teenage Girl section.  I thought it was such a fun idea because when I was younger, I used to be attracted to shiny, beaded pillows from Pier 1.  These are definitely quirky and, if I were younger, I would definitely consider picking one up to spruce up a chair.  

2.  I actually had been looking for one of these fun, novelty tea strainers for awhile now.  At the Home Square in Shatin (where another good Ikea is located), there are shops that carry some really funky strainers:  submarines, sticks, and little men...Even when I was in Kyoto a few months back, I was looking for a unique tea strainer.  These Ikea ones are little flowers that float on top of the water.  They were pretty cute...

3.  When I saw this lamp shade, I immediately thought, "Grandma!"  I always think Ikea is so modern, but they have something for everyone.  I thought this lamp would be so fun in a little girl's room...or as the lighting for a tea party.

4.  I thought these night lights were so cute.  If you push the top of the head of these pandas, they light up.  I am loving the silicone THINGS that have been stocked in shops recently.

5.  Right after you pay for your goods at the cash registers, Ikea sucks you in again with their little food shop at the exit.  I just had to take a peek.

Here are a bunch of crackers/cookies that are shaped in I's, K's, E's, and A's.

6.  Who doesn't love a good moose shaped pasta?  These reminded me of home (Seattle).

That was a fun trip!