Monday, August 10, 2015

Macau Trip: The Venetian

Getting to Macau from Hong Kong is like getting to Vancouver BC from Seattle.  




It's a great option when wanting to leave the city, but not wanting to travel that far (because you were too late in planning the summer holidays!)

Firstly, there are two ferry terminals that go to Macau:

1.  Tsim Sha Tsui's China Ferry Terminal (33 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon)

2.  Sheung Wan's Hong Kong Macau Ferry Terminal (3/F Shun Tak Centre, 200 Connaught Road Central, Sheung Wan)

At both ferry terminal locations, you can select to sail into Macau's Taipa ferry terminal (which is the main one) or the Outer Harbour Ferry Terminal.

We took the ferry into Taipa.  Immigration took about 20 minutes, but I've been in immigration for nearly an hour before, which isn't that bad really.  Upon exiting the ferry terminal, there are buses that are waiting to caddy people to different hotel/casinos, TOTALLY FREE OF CHARGE!

Because we were heading to The Venetian, we hopped on our bus and were taken swiftly and smoothly to the hotel/casino.

Check in was around 20 minutes also.  It's crowded these days, as it's summer holidays for a lot of people, so the check in may be longer at other times!

We've stayed at The Venetian twice before.  There's just a nice feeling of comfort when staying here…because I've been here before (you know how that goes).  It's quite family friendly, there is a great shopping area, there are loads of great places to eat, and the casino is the standard fun place to be at.

There is also a beautiful pool area in the South Suites of the hotel.  There are maybe 5 pools.  There is even one that is strictly for 18+, which is great these days because there are so many kids around!  The pools open really early, at 7 am, which is perfect for those who like to swim early in the day…since there are less people and you can really get laps in.

Plus, the entire complex is gorgeous.

The Grand Canal shopping area is beautiful.  People are taking photos of all the buildings, there are entertainers that are walking around here and there, couples are taking gondola rides on the indoor Grand Canal, and it's just a really awesome place to hang out and people watch.

Besides hitting up the casino in the middle of the hotel, we hit up the mini golf course.  This place has always been quite deserted.  We've never had to wait in line and we've never had to really stick to the one hour playing schedule.  The guys at the golf shop are really nice and sociable and give tips when they can to help improve your game.  I highly recommend finding the Grando Golf Course, which is in the South Suites area of The Venetian.

The OTHER REALLY awesome thing about The Venetian is having the chance to stroll the grounds in the evening.  It's quite romantic.

The Venetian is always a great option for a hotel/casino in Macau.  They have a bunch of deals, which we got the early bird booking deal.  The hotel staff are always so great and the rooms are spacious and comfortable.

If you've never been to Venice, this is a pretty good chance to preview what it sort of seems like!