Friday, August 21, 2015

Macau Trip: Water Park

The last time I was at a water park was when we went down to Bali's Waterbom.  So, when we discovered that there was a water park in The Galaxy, we left aside one day to just chill out and enjoy the amenities.

Firstly, the awesome thing about The Galaxy's Resort Deck is the Wave Pool.  It's basically the man-made beach of my dreams.  

Real SAND!

"Real" waves!

During the mornings, when the pool area opened up (8am), there were no waves.  So the little beach was a dream to swim laps in (when you walk out to the deep end).  The laps will be short, but there aren't a lot of people who are up at 8 am.

NOTE:  We went down to the Grand Resort Deck each of the three days that we were staying in The Galaxy…all three days, there were hardly any people who were up at 8 am!!!!

When the waves did start being generated, though, the life guards will let you know with their whistles and also have all kids (who can't swim) put on their life jackets.

The waves didn't seem that dangerous or big, but, more so, a good "wave" height to bounce over and to splash around in.

The beach got pretty busy towards the afternoon hours.  All the beach chairs and spaces in-between were covered with people's beach gear.  I'd totally recommend to visit the beach when there are less people, so then you can really enjoy the ambiance…but, if the early morning isn't for you, the Grand Resort Deck stays open until 10 pm (and that's a great time to have a romantic beach swim with your significant other!).

The second awesome thing about The Galaxy's Grand Resort Deck was the Adventure River Ride, which floated you by some waterfalls, under some water cannons, and through heaps of falling "rain."  It's a leisurely ride, where we just got onto some inflatable donuts and floated along with the crowd.  

The awesome thing about the Adventure River Ride was that there, like the entire Grand Resort Deck, wasn't a lot of people around before lunch time.  So, we got to go through the River Ride as many times as we liked without much hassle.  

This was definitely a great little ride for young people and old people….for everyone.  

***A clip of the Adventure River Ride***

Lastly, (THOUGH I HAVE NO PHOTOS), the really awesome thing about The Galaxy's Grand Resort Deck was the Waterslide.  There were three slides, which were all equally awesome.

One slide I would classify as the fastest one.  This slide was smooth and mostly a straight shot to the end.

Another slide I would classify as a pretty windy one.  It slid me left and right like no tomorrow.

The last slide I would classify as quite similar to the windy one mentioned above, but you had a view.  The other two slides were dark, but this one you could see through the slide…if that makes any sense.

I'd return to stay at The Galaxy just for the purpose of hanging out in the water park again!!!!!  I think this was what really made our stay an amazing one.