Friday, August 28, 2015

Story Steak and Pasta

I've heard of a place called Burger and Lobster somewhere down on Hong Kong Island.

There are also a multitude of Fish and Chip places dotted all around the city.

I figured that it's quite the nice option to have a place where you know your options.

In my very own Yuen Long, we have a similar type of restaurant that only offers Steak and Pasta…but, it wasn't what I thought it was going to be...

We got there around lunch time, but we didn't have a steak menu or a pasta menu…we were offered the Burger, Pasta, and Salad menu, which makes me think that this place should be called: The Burger, Pasta, and Salad!

Shop 2, Ho Shun Lee Building
9 Fung Yau Street South
Yuen Long

Thursdays - Tuesdays noon - 11 pm
Wednesdays 6 pm - 11 pm

Tel. 24778636

I think this place used to be the Lasagna House, which used to be popular a few years ago.  But, it still is quite the small venue, with pretty chilled service, and chilled patrons.

For a starter, we were offered a mushroom soup, which I feel is the most common soup served in an abundance of restaurants around the City!  It was pretty good.  It reminded me of the Portobello Mushroom soup cartons that I buy from Park N Shop every so often…but I liked it.

We got the Porcini and Spinach Risotto, because what is life without rice!

And, lastly, we got The Classic Burger and Fries.

The food was actually quite excellent.  I was totally digging the burger and fries.  The risotto is not my cup of tea…just because I'm not the greatest fan of rice, but it was good.

If asked whether or not I'd return to this place, I'd answer, "Totally!"

Story Steak and Pasta (a.k.a. Burger, Pasta, and Salad), you get two thumbs up from me on my first experience to your little eatery!