Monday, April 25, 2016

Simply Life Admiralty

When in doubt, eat at Simply Life!

Well…it is the easy choice at times!

I think we're just addicted to this place right now.  Every weekend…every holiday…and in every district…we've been finding ourselves having lunch at Simply Life.  It's just the, again, easiest choice these days…plus, the menu has always been really nice.

And the set lunch menu is always a good value for what you get.  For 108 HKD (plus a 10% service charge), you get a soup/salad, main entree, and a drink (coffee/tea).

I feel like this place is like McDonalds…way back in high school.  I used to go there all the time during our lunch hour and order from a menu that I knew…and when something new came out, I'd test it out.  That's sort of what the menu of Simply Life is to me (and that's saying a lot because I love McDonalds!)  

I still have warm fuzzy feelings over the McDonald's pancakes that I used to order when we'd go on family road trips!  

We were down in Admiralty dealing with some US Consulate affairs…and decided to pop into Lab Concept, which used to be my favorite mall to visit.  It's connected to Pacific Place and also the Admiralty MTR Station.  It's a really convenient mall to visit and also has some really awesome shops like EVERY COSMETIC brand, Pandora, Top Shop, Urban Outfitters, The Body Shop, M&S Food, a Starbucks and a few other eateries...

It's a great mall to window shop through…

The Simply Life here also has a slightly different menu to that of Yuen Long's Yoho Mall's Simply Life.

There was a chicken burger on offer and I love burgers, so it was an easy option for me to try.

The cool thing about the Admiralty Simply Life is that they gave us different breads along with our soup/salads.  The one in Yuen Long gives the same type of bread (if that makes any sense) every time we've been there.  It's nice to try something new every now and then…

We also got the fish, which was called the Seared Barramundi.  I'm not familiar with barramundi, but I have seen it on menus a lot here in HK.  It was nice, none the less.

The food was pretty nice…and the restaurant was even more impressive.  I've never been to this Simple Life before, but it is really quite rustic looking.  A chic kind of rustic.

The lunch hour started around noon…and there was already a line up outside the restaurant.  The limit for lunch was set at an hour…so, we had an allotted hour to order, eat, and enjoy before we had to leave.  I think that's probably the nature of most of the eateries down in Admiralty?  If anyone knows…please let me know.

Because, just from observation, it's crazy busy during the lunch hour and people really do have a limited time to eat before they head back to work.

So, I totally understand the one hour limit…

Do, I mind it…eh…I don't really because I wasn't in Admiralty to really chill for the afternoon!

Besides the main restaurant area, there is also a bakery, where you can order pasties and breads to go.

It was a good afternoon spent.  And it was nice to experience the hustle and bustle of the Admiralty lunch rush hour.  It makes me wonder if I'd ever be into working in an office and living the 9 - 5 life!  It's attractive at times…