Monday, August 15, 2016

Community Garden

Seattle has a program called the P Patch Program.  There are 88 P Patches around the city of Seattle.  They are basically community gardens, where small scale produce and other plants can be grown.  To be able to farm on a little patch of the P Patches, you have to get onto the P Patch sign up list and also select your choice of location.  Then you wait to be contacted when an available plot opens us.

Some communities around the city have their own community gardens, not apart of the P Patch Program.  In Normandy Park, attached to Marvista Park, is a community garden.  The community garden here has a lottery type of selection opposed to the P Patch Program's waiting list.  

There is also a community garden in Burien called the B Patch, which I want to check out before I leave.  I just like to know what people are growing and maybe get some inspiration for my own little home garden!

***What's growing at the Marvista Community Garden***