Friday, August 5, 2016

Pies, pies…shhh…pies...

A couple of weeks ago, my mother broke out a pie that she'd been telling me about for a few months.  The back story:

***Flash back to an old blog post***

My parents had told me about these pre-made pies that they had discovered over the past year.  They'd gone to a friend's house and had tried a pie that was pretty nice.  These friends got to talking about how they'd had a friend who had discovered this pie place down in Kent through another friend.

The power of word-of-mouth advertising!

This friend was skeptical of telling my folks about the location of this pie place.  My parents thought it was because these pies were probably top secret, due to the price their friend claimed of the 8 inch pie was $1 USD.

Eventually, a little band of them (other friends at that dinner party included!) went down to the Kent pie place together (will blog about soon!), picked up a bunch of pies for $1 USD and continued being loyal customers til this day.

***End scene!***

Today, after talking about these pies for days after our Homecoming Barbecue, we drove down to Kent to see what Plush Pippin was all about.

When we got to the store front, it was not as covert as I thought it was.  There were a few other customers shopping the pies as well…families and also someone making an order for a local fundraiser.

The shop front had a limited number of pies out for today.  Pies came by 8, 9 and 10 inches in diameter and also in the style of Crumbles, Dutches, Lattice Cuts, and Double Crusts.  The pies available for today were apple pies, blueberry pies, cherry pies and pineapple pies...

All the pies were frozen (unbaked) and ARE sold frozen with instructions on how to bake them (frozen) at the cashier's counter.

There is not much of any decor besides this information sign that sits right in front of the shop entrance...

…and the pie labels, which were all quite cutely handwritten.

We picked up an 8 inch cherry pie for $3 USD, which I thought was such a reasonable price, and two apple pies that were 2 for a $1, which I thought was such an incredibly amazing deal!.

At home, we unboxed the frozen pie, set the oven to 400 degrees and set the timer to around 50 minutes.  We checked it to see if it was baking all right…and the results…

…a lovely cherry pie to enjoy on a lovely and warm Seattle summer evening…