Friday, November 14, 2014

Craving Nachos

Every day is a Chinese Food Paradise, but, every once in a while, I just need a change.  My change lead me to south of the border:  El Taco Loco. 

El Taco Loco is located on the side of the Central elevators.

El Taco Loco Info:
7 Staunton Street
SOHO, Central
Monday - Sunday
noon - 10:30 pm

The menu has the usual quesadillas, burritos, tacos, nachos, and the like.  They also have Sol Beer in stock and a couple of varieties of Tabasco sauce (Tex-Mex anyone!).

Because El Taco Loco is located right on the Central elevators, you have the choice to sit indoors or out doors.  My favorite spot is the window seat that looks out onto the elevators/steps.  It's a great seat to people watch and soak in the sun.

I think that Mexican is a rare treat for me.  I mean, I can get delicious Indian, Turkish, Greek, Italian, Thai, Vietnamese, Cambodian…well, I can get every type of food on the planet easily, but there are only a handful of Mexican places around the City.  And most of them are located in Central.

Our order of the day were two Cokes, bowl of nachos, and a shrimp salad.  My nachos were amazing, though they just have that way of getting cold too quickly.  I think I'm a pretty normal proportions type of eater, but I had to definitely take a good portion of my dish home in a doggy bag.

I'd never tried the shrimp salad, so I asked my friend and she said, "It's all right."  Quoted.  I'm not a fan of shrimp, so I thought that would be nice comment for those of you who were curious of how the salad was.

Just writing this blog makes me want to head out to Central and order a Carne Asada!