Monday, November 17, 2014

Eats Week: The Story of Milk Tea

Sort of recently, an Old Hong Kong Canteen opened up at the Long Ping MTR Station (Exit B).  It's called The Story of Milk Tea.  

Walking into this little place feels like walking into some guys' Hong Kong FILM obsessed living room.  There is a DVD collection right at the door along with a couple film paraphernalia - Check out some of the awesome movie posters.

I've been to this place a few times and can vouch for its decent food.  The menu is pretty much like every other canteen, but somehow better.  I think it is because the decor helps out with the eating experience.

The easiest thing for me to order is the set meal.  It comes with:

1.  Thick noodles, strips of ham, and corn in a nice soup
2.  Thick toast, eggs, and a piece of luncheon meat
3.  A drink of choice (milk tea, coffee, lemon tea, or lemon water)

We also got one of the specials:
1.  Pineapple bun "burger" stuffed with an egg

This was actually quite a lovely combo!

One of the first times we went to The Story of Milk Tea, we also tried their iced chocolate.  It was pretty delicious…can't ever go wrong with chocolate!

 Over the past few weeks, the canteen has brought out a menu with photos, which makes my life a lot easier!

Today, I went back to The Story of Milk Tea, which made me want to share this place because I'm pretty confident that I'm gonna be a return customer.  And our order of the morning:

1.  Toast drenched in butter and condensed milk
2.  Thick toast, hot dog, and a side of eggs
3.  The House Special (a type of spiced chicken wing)

Today's meal was as good as my other meals here.  The spiced chicken was something new.  I am not sure what it was actually made of, but I did some some star of anise in the mix. 

The prices are reasonable, the ambience is quirky, and it's so close to the MTR!