Sunday, November 9, 2014

Discovery Bay Sunday Market

I spent my day out at the Discovery Bay (DB) Sunday Market, which was held right out in the DB Plaza.  There had to be over a hundred booths lining every inch of the Plaza.  

Because Christmas is sort of around the corner, I went out to DB in the hopes of finding some unique Christmas gifts.  I have been to a few handicraft markets, but this one was my favorite.  Everyone was just so chatty and the vendors didn't mind me just browsing over their things.  That's a luxury…to be allowed to window shop!  Most times, in Hong Kong, people have that "no buy, no look" attitude, really!

Something really interesting was this kiosk of Anti-Mosquito products.  I actually learned today that mosquitoes are not keen on the scent of citronella.  Huh.  You learn something new everyday.

My friend was eyeing some of this woman's driftwood art (pictured below).  This woman said that she loves walking her dog on the beach.  And she just got the idea to pick up some of the drift wood and start painting them.  My favorite of her signs was probably the one that said:  If nothing goes right, go left!

I've actually been to TwistMadeDesign's Etsy shop many a times.  I was so happy to have bumped into their booth today!  I'm a lover of simplicity and this shop offers some really beautiful, simple pieces…tear drop labradorite anyone?

The ManMade booth (handicrafts pictured below) had such a quirky product.  The woman said that she noticed she had been wasting a lot of the fruit in her fridge.  So, she decided to pour resin on them and made these awesome things.  Some of them were made into hair clips, brooches, and earrings.

And, lastly, the loveliest things I have ever seen (pictured below) from Little Egret Studio.  They are pets for those who cannot have live pets.  I love how every artist has a story behind their work.  Too bad my camera decided to focus on the background.

The next time the DB Sunday Market will be held will be on December 14, 2014 from 11 - 6pm.